Can flying wind generators outshine traditional wind turbines

Flying wind generators

Why we are asking this now?

The whole world is facing the energy crises. As the human population on this planet is increasing, the situation is becoming even worse. Many scientists are working on non conventional ways to solve this problem. You must have seen many wind turbines in the outskirts of your city. These turbines generate electricity by converting the wind energy using large blades. But the problem is that these turbines are very expensive. They need big towers to hold the rotors. To get this problem solved, scientists have developed flying wind generators.

Is it really that serious?

Wind energy is hundred percent safe energy. It does not involve any effort to harm the nature. You need not burn the fossil fuels. The only shortcoming with this energy is that it is not available alike at all places every time. To generate continuous power, you need to install some turbines at the height of at least 10000 to 15000 feet. At this height, wind flows continuously all the year round. Installing giant towers to harness this energy is very expensive. There is a better option. Traditional wind turbines can be replaced with wind kites. These are also known as flying electricity generators. These turbines are much cheaper and can be installed at any place without much survey.

The developments:

There are many developments going on in this area. Companies are introducing newer and more innovative turbines to generate the power from wind. Some of the latest developments are as follows:

1. Joby Energy tests high-altitude wind turbine prototype

Joby Energy wind turbine

Joby Energy is a wind energy research company. It is working on finding power solutions in high altitude winds. The latest prototype of its wind turbine generates around 30KW clean power. The complete system includes an array of turbines with small fans. This system is lifted into the air vertically. It can also move in a way to maximize the exposure to winds. Power generated is transmitted back through the cables attached with these turbines.

2. MARS – A wind turbine that is up in air


Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS) is a balloon shaped wind turbine that is filled with Helium.Unlike other turbines, it does not require much space. It can be installed very easily at any place. Its shape allows more torque. It means, it is a perfect solution for areas with low winds. It is ties with cables that can also transmit the power generated by the system. It is going to start its first full operation in North Carolina.


Flying wind turbines

Sky WindPower is working hard on developing a new innovative H shaped kite like Flying Electric Generator (FEG). This would be capable of producing power at minimum rates. This wind turbine would be flying between 15,000 and 30,000 feet. It has four fans grabbing the wind energy from all directions. Electricity generated by the rotor fans is then transmitted to the ground via aluminum cables.

4. Kite farm offers parasailing while producing energy for the adventurous sort

Kite farm

Someone has rightly said, if you want people to have interest in your project then do something of their interest. Keeping this thing in mind in this wind turbine, art and adventure were added with energy generation. There are many plans to build wind farms with hundreds of such kites. The energy generated through such farms is enough to light up over 600 homes. The project is very affordable. Using kites, save the cost on installing big towers to hold turbine rotors.

The main hurdles:

At first look, this project may seem to be very beautiful. But there are lot many hurdles that are required to be taken care of before moving further. Getting a giant wind turbine to float 15000 to 30000 feet off the ground is really very challenging task. The more challenging thing would be to keep it stable at that level. Secondly, you would need to have cables of few miles length to transmit the power from a turbine which is 3 miles up. To keep a turbine at such a height is very dangerous. Some plane may collide with the wind kite and it can lead to fatal accident.

What can be done?

Scientists are working to design such a turbine that is light in weight. Light weighted wind kites would be easier to lift in the air. The wind farms and the areas around these farms has to be declared no flying zone. No commercial or jet planes can enter the areas reserved for wind power generation.

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