Green Homes Guide

Is solar power electricity enough to light the whole room?

I have to come up with a proactive research question for school and I decided to do
Can a house survive on solar power alone the solar power being generated from solar panels. I need help with the answer since I’m having trouble finding it on Google. I n

What to look for while purchasing solar power systems for homes?

I am planning to get solar power system installed in my home. I was just wondering if some expert can help me out with what features to look for while purchasing solar power systems for homes. One of my friends told me that sizing it properly can be a tou

Seven ways to conserve energy at home

Everyone is aware about energy. But do you know what you will get if you save energy? You will save your money, reduce the demand for fossil fuels which are limited and takes year to form like coal, oil and natural gas. When there is less fuel burning,

Five green DIY updates for your eco friendly home

If you are aware about the environmental issues and want to protect it from the harmful elements, then you may find this article helpful. The excessive carbon and other harmful emissions from our houses are disturbing the environment badly. We can simply

7 Eco friendly products for a green kitchen

With evolution of green technology, there is no product that green technology has not touched. The green is the latest trend and there is no end to this green change. The kitchen products are the next on the list of green products that have gained popular

Five reasons for vertical gardening

Plants have certain requirements of their own such as sunlight, nutrients and support. So, while planting pots and plants, all this have to be taken care of. Vertical gardening is a kind of trend that first started up in large cities where yard space is v

Seven ways to make your home ‘Net Zero Energy’

Energy saving habit is not
just good habits to save the environment, but also save money for the
homeowner. The target of ‘Net Zero Energy ‘ may be a little difficult to target
as our homes have many energy using appliances. It can be achieved only with

Seven green homes for Celebrities

Though we can’t make our homes completely working on solar panels and grey water system but we can do a lot to make our houses go green. Inculcating few green habits in our lifestyles and few green things in your houses can create a huge difference

Five eco friendly flooring options for green homes

Renewing and reusing materials to make all new floors is an excellent thought to lessen the burden on our depleting resources. Aesthetically pleasing and easy on the pocket, eco friendly floors are the choice of the future and a must do to conserve the

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