How Eco Cars Promote Road Safety


Roads all around the world are clamored by cars and four wheelers. Increase in number of vehicles on the road is putting the environment at risk due to increase in CO2 emissions. The other danger hovering over the people driving cars on roads is that of road accidents. Innovators felt the urgent need of introducing some changes in the cars so that both the problems of dangerous fuel emissions and unsafe driving can be solved in one go. This is why the concept of eco cars crept in.

Make of eco-cars made driver friendly


The biggest cause of road accidents is driver falling asleep while driving due to fatigue. The introduction of ergonomic structures of car seats in eco-friendly cars provided much needed support to back and shoulders making it easy for drivers to travel long distances without feeling exhausted. The other important driver-friendly features introduced in cars are:

·         Predictive driving support

The eco cars are equipped with predictive driving support that enables safer driving, efficient fuel efficiency and better energy flow throughout the vehicle system. Driving support is also provided to reduce the use of gear change or clutch – an action that causes the most of fuel consumption.

·         Defensive driving support

The eco-cars come with auditory and visual support to assist driving in safe manner. The sensors studded cars help identify dangerous speed levels, space between vehicles, etc so that the driver can restrict to safer speed limits and prepare in advance for blind turns and sharp curves. The eco cars can also guide the driver in case of rash driving and help in reaching the destination safely.

·         System for better vehicle control

Eco-Cars-Promote-Road-SafetyCars going out of control are the common cause of road crashes. The eco cars come with support system to promote better vehicle control. The reduced chances of car toppling due to lack of control are achieved by systems that help car or vehicle identify the dangerous speed and warn driver about it.

·         Anti-bumping system

The principles of eco-friendly driving involve planning the speed ahead of traffic lights and intersections so that neither the cars bump into one another nor require stopping at signals. Thus, sensors and geo-positioning systems giving information about the traffic speed and traffic lights in advance make it possible for the driver to achieve a smooth driving experience devoid of unnecessary brakes and sudden change of gears.

·         Cruise control

Eco cars are equipped with cruise control feature. This feature fixes the car’s maximum speed at the figure which is considered good for safe driving and reduces fuel consumption and emission of harmful gases to the minimum.

Apart from supporting safe driving, the eco-safe cars are taking care of the health of the drivers and other road users too. The nature of fuel has changed. Use of electricity as fuel is being promoted to reduce the number of CO2 emitting cars on roads.

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