How to Choose the Right Hardware for Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen Cabinets

Have you ever noticed the magic of small fixtures in your kitchen décor? They can certainly transform the look of your kitchen. However, most kitchen cabinets don’t come with hardware, so you as the homeowner has to select kitchen knobs and pulls of your own choice.

But, choosing the right hardware for your kitchen cabinet is not an easy decision. You need to take care of a number of things so that you don’t end up buying the hardware that doesn’t suit your kitchen style.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing the perfect hardware for your kitchen:

1. Go with the theme

Kitchen CabinetsThe way a cabinet enhances your kitchen looks, similarly, the hardware for your cabinet. However, you need to be very selective while purchasing one. It should match your cabinet theme. If you are looking for the best hardware for your contemporary kitchen- tubular pulls, sleek, or minimal prints will add on to the look. But, while selecting for a traditional cabinet, a simple knob with an antique touch is ideal.

2. Decide between knobs and pulls

Choosing between knobs and pulls solely depends on your cabinet and personal choice. If your cabinets are finely detailed or ornate, go with a stylish knot. A knob is simpler and smaller which will not deplete the attention of your modern cabinets. You can also match the style of the knobs with your classic kitchen taps to give your kitchen a contemporary look.

3. Pay heed to your cabinet style and color

Kitchen CabinetsOne of the important aspects while choosing the right hardware is the color of your cabinet. If they are plain white, any type of kitchen knob or style will work. But, for brown or wooden shades, you can be much flexible. Black or brown shade will work best with these styles. Also, if your cabinets are farmhouse style going with rustic and scruffy will do the work. If you like something unique, choose black knobs and all the faucets in the same color.

4. Quality and finishes

While choosing the hardware, you should see for not only appearance but also the quality. It should be easy to hold, strong and reliable. Also, most of us like chrome or brushed nickel to add interest to your kitchen. Remember, that you don’t need to match the fixture with your cabinet, different shades or complementary colors can be ideal. You just need to have the acumen to do it.

5. Think out of the box

Kitchen CabinetsMost people go with hardware in material like brushed nickel, gunmetal, and bronze, but you can choose something unconventional. You can also consider glass or mirrored hardware to give a creative touch to your cabinets.

6. Look into other hardware too

Are you focusing only on knobs or pulls? Because you might want to check other hardware such as light fixtures, appliances, sink and, faucet and look into their finish. For a more trendy option, you can go with mixed metals in your kitchen design. The metal style will blend with the cabinet’s color of your kitchen and make it look shabby. So, ensure you balance the use of metals.

Wrapping up

Cabinets are like ornaments of the kitchen. So, just as your accessories would complement your outfit, hardware and cabinets will enhance your kitchen.

Before buying your kitchen hardware, research thoroughly what suits you the best. Moreover, the above points will help you learn all the aspects you need to look while purchasing the perfect hardware for your kitchen.

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