India’s National Stock Exchange wants to go green with the wind

India’s leading stock exchange, the National Stock Exchange (NSE) has invested in a wind energy project. It has done so in order to switch to wind power for majority of its energy requirement, and to contribute its bit towards sustaining the environment.

Captive Power Consumption

NSE took this green initiative of switching to wind power for captive power consumption. This initiative is a big one, as in through the wind energy project this biggest stock exchange in India will fulfill 65 percent of its power demand using wind energy. A 6.25 MW wind power project for whose completion NSE collaborated with the Suzlon Energy, one of the largest providers of wind energy solutions in India.

According to Suzlon, the project comprises of 5 units of Suzlon’s S66 and wind turbine generators of 1250 KW, which will reduce approximately 12,730 tons carbon dioxide emission every year. Now to go by what NSE spokesperson Mahesh Haldipur told in an interview that NSE believes in sustainable development. It knows how important it is to conduct business using green technology, as it helps a lot to save environment.

A green initiative, not a first one though

He also mentioned that this is not the only environmentally friendly initiative taken by NSE, as already various power saving and energy efficient measures have been set up in the premises.

It already uses thermal energy storage for air conditioning systems, and solar power for lighting systems. However, this initiative taken is big enough to leave a positive impact on others in the corporate world, as in it will motivate many others as well to harness clean energy.

Such green initiatives from time to time reveal how aware and how desperate Indian corporates are to mitigate their carbon footprint. They are switching to clean energy usage so that they contribute towards energy conservation and help reduce the risk of climate change. One example of a big Indian company that has decided to go green is Infosys.

It has plans to switch to entirely using renewable energy by the year 2018. If almost all the companies start taking such environmental healthy steps, our planet will soon become a far better place to live in.

In order to reduce its dependence upon non-renewable sources of energy, India’s NSE in collaboration with the Suzlon has designed a wind energy project.

Source : CleanTechnica.Com

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