Juneau, Alaska residents facing highest risk from monster avalanche disasters

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Be aware residents living at the foot of Mount Juneau! While on one hand, the world fears of the aftereffects of ice cap melting, on the other hand, the city’s new online avalanche-forecasting system has sent a barrage of alerts this yearJuneau is facing the highest risk of an avalanche disaster compared to any other city in America! This is particularly unnerving.

A record snowfall has piled up on the mountain above and a storm is in the forecast. The snowfall occurred earlier this week. All the worried residents there are spending sleepless night fearing of the ‘falling sky’. Janice Holst, a dance teacher and grandmother of 12 said with a nervous laugh,

Butch is losing his energy to say, ‘It’s not going to happen, it’s not going to happen,’ and I’m like a crazy, clucking hen running around saying, ‘Everybody get ready. The sky’s going to fall.

It is more than 60 homes, a busy boat harbor and sections of the Alaska’s capital city’s main thoroughfare are considered to be at great risk from at least a dozen chutes capable of sweeping the steep and burly shoulders off the Mount Juneau.

The Juneau area has gotten more than 16 feet since November. With spring being a particularly dangerous time of a year for avalanches as melting and rainfall can set snow in motion this time, the city this year funded an urban avalanche forecasting office to operate through April. The urban avalanche forecasting office is presently the only one in North America.

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