Norway is far ahead when it comes to eco-friendly energy 

Norway is far ahead when it comes to eco-friendly energy 

Global warming and climate change are two subjects everyone is speaking about, and many of them assume they’ll bring the end of the world if people don’t change their habits. While some countries still maintain a close relationship with fossil fuel, many are easing out their dependence on limited resources and promote healthier and more sustainable alternatives.

hydropowerNorway plays an active role in fighting climate change and global warming by adopting all green measures needed to help the planet recover from the shock it’s experiencing.

This country is one of the pioneers in the use of renewable energy. Their history with green energy dates back in the 1800s when Norwegians have started to harvest energy from rivers. Most of the energy they use now comes from water sources because the dramatic landscape facilitates the construction of hydro-electric power stations.

Nordic people want to establish a greener, cleaner, and more symbiotic connection with the planet, and alongside the 97% energy they harvest from water, they’re also experimenting with other solutions.

They use technology in their advantage

The secret to switching from traditional energy to sustainable one is to take advantage of all the developments technology brings. For example, in the past, people considered an impossible mission to collect solar energy, but now with the help of technology, Norway has a surplus of energy. Most of the homeowners equipped their houses with solar panels to harvest energy, store it, and even sell it.

Alongside solar and water energy, people are also using heat pumps to warm their houses. It’s a new trend, but with comparison services marketing it aggressively, it’s expected companies like Varmepumpeportalen to register higher profit in the future. Investing in energy equipment is a smart move for both companies and individuals because it allows them to improve their living conditions and cut down pollution.

Norway wants to make breathing easier for its residents

electric carIn the 90s, the Norwegian government set a target to get over 50,000 electric cars on the roads before by 2017. They worked so hard they managed to accomplish their goal two years earlier. Tax breaks encouraged people to switch to electric engines, and alternative transportation means. At present, you can find on the Norwegian streets more than 200,000 electric vehicles that produce no emissions and pollution. The country wants to replace all traditional cars with electric ones to register zero-emissions in six years. While it may take plenty of effort to accomplish such a bold goal, Norway has excellent chances to meet its plan because it’s one of the few countries that considers the paradigm shift essential.

In Norway, both companies and individuals are making changes to create a cleaner environment. Lately, an extensive number of organizations integrated new technologies in their operations that allow them to use renewable energy. The advantage when using green energy is that it doesn’t pollute the air.

Norway sets an example for communities worldwide. It takes a collective effort and hard work to make the world a better place.

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