Rainy May will not relieve England of drought

drought in england

An area suffering from drought for 19-month cannot be healed with one rainy weekend! Rather, a light rain is more helpful than the heavy one. It is because; light rain gets absorbed into the ground, while a heavy rainfall quickly saturates the top layer of the soil, blocking further absorption, expaioned an Environment Agency official.

Though in the last few days, some parts of south-east England received a third of the average monthly rainfall, the heavy rain eventually did not prove ideal. The Environment Agency talked about it, explaining the working of heavy rainfall on perched lands.

Contradicting the above explaination, a Thames Water spokesperson said that in a drought, any rain is good rain. It is only the time of the year, which mattered in this case, as much of the water during this season is taken up by vegetation; he said, expaining the failure of the rain to quench the land’s thirst. “There was heavy rainfall earlier in the month but it did not really impact on the drought situation,” he further added.

Via: The Guardian

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