Redesigning Vehicles Why Should a Self-Driving Car Look Like a Car?

Self-Driving Car

With so much discussion on self driving taxis and cars, we are surely heading towards a driverless future. The day is not far when we will have cars, but no drivers. Just how many years, this will take will depend on how fast we can adapt to the change. But the first steps towards it are already been taken by companies like Uber who are all set to start self driving taxis in Pittsburgh.

The impact of self driving vehicles

 Self-Driving Car

Self driving vehicles will surely have several safety and economic advantages. Software and technology companies will influence the economy. We can expect services like pay as you go. Those who have maintenance, servicing infrastructure or have software, power operated vehicles etc will have added advantage. The shape and size of the vehicles are going to change and they will be electric. There will be lots of innovation and experimentation as far as the material that is used in the making of these cars is concerned. There will be a drop in the need of drivers. The traffic rules and the way the traffic moves will also change. The scenario in the parking lots will change. Self driving vehicles will particularly be useful for the elderly and those people who don’t know how to drive. The petroleum industry and the insurance industry will face the brunt and the battery world is surely going to benefit. These vehicles are also going to be a good option for parents. They can now send their kids to school in a self driving car while they head to work.

The design of the self driving car

Well, everyone is going to be curious about the design of these self driving cars which are going to change our transportation industry forever. But there will be plenty of challenges while designing these cars. According to the company Works the most important thing will be to bring about a change in the flexibility of the cockpit area. Companies like Faurecia are opting for voice recognition in order to control light, audio and other control systems. Also, it will be important to focus on creating seats which do not stain easily or one’s which can clean themselves. There will be sensors in these vehicles which will help in weather forecasting, understanding problem with the roads and infrastructure like pot holes and bad roads. These sensors will also help in finding car thieves and will help in protecting the car against fugitives.

Your car your home

Self-Driving Car

Designers are working on creating a mean machine which is not just a car but actually a space which one has between home and office.  Some people illustrate these future cars as a third space and as an experience of actually just going into the living room. A driverless car will mean getting some personal space where one can indulge in entertainment activities like reading or enjoying a drink. Also, since the chances of these cars crashing will be less, there will no air bags and the material used will mostly be lightweight. Seats will be made from pale plywood or moulded carbon fibre. The use of glass in the body will be more. Some companies which are into designing these type vehicles stated that even their engineers who are supposed to be controlling these cars are falling asleep. This is the type of convenience that one can enjoy in these self driving cars. So it is like moving into your new comfort zone.

Self driving cars will fill the roads in the next few years. The design of these vehicles has to be such that it not just takes care of the driving but gives the person a comfort zone.

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