Reduce Airline’s Carbon Emission: Tax Users

The aviation industry has been subjected to numerous criticisms due to its carbon emissions. The sector is accused of being the greatest polluter. But in an age of global economy the right solution seems so unreachable.

Mike Clasper, the chief executive of BBA has come out with a genuine solution. Put a price on all carbon emissions without reducing the functions of global market. He stated that not only aviation (5%) but power generation and road transport account for a considerable amount of emission too.

This idea seems good enough on face value offering choices between dirty power stations, gas-guzzling cars or flying but on deeper perusal what is it really going to achieve. It only means an unaffordable flight cost how will the majority of public travel? Poor ones like me cannot travel by sea it takes too long while the richer ones will conitnue to emit CO2 as they zoom pass us effecting the world nevertheless . what is the use ?


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