A comprehensive guide to help you greenify your life

The global temperature is rising every year. What environmental activists were predicting for years is now coming true – the phenomenon of global warming. It’s time now for every person on the planet to start thinking about the environment.

Eco-friendly classroom

With students spending the greater part of the day at school, it only makes sense that you teach them to be eco-friendly in class itself. Find simple ways to make your classroom more eco-friendly.

An eco-friendly Christmas

Christmas is a time for families to get together and celebrate the holiday season and take part in a lot of festivities. When you can be eco-friendly about other things in your life, why should this festival be left out?

Four Things You Can Recycle For Money

Not many of us know that certain things can be recycled for money. Here are 4 items that surprisingly, would fetch you money upon recycling them.

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