Ten eco friendly folding bikes for a clean future

Eco friendly folding bikes

1. Dubike


The main attraction here is that this bike is foldable and can be stowed easily in car trunks. This bike is more suitable for the urbanites who love to ride but do not do it very often. It is designed by David Fionik who is an industrial designer. The Dubike can be folded into a cube and fits into any trunk of a standard size. The main bicycle frame has a shock absorber in it.

2. Urbanlit-e 1603

Urbanlit-e 1603

The fastest bicycle (electric) available today is around $77000. As this is very expensive, a Chinese manufacturer has invented this particular low-cost bike known as Urbanlit-e 1603. It is an electrically assisted folding bicycle.This price is around 646.25 pounds and it has a cheaper brush motor, which is powered with a 36 volt lithium battery. Once fully charged, this bike can cover a distance on 35 km in 5-7 hours.

3. Strida


People tend to use bikes as they are very heathy apart from being a cheap mode of transport. Since bikes have no pollutants as their emission, they form an eco friendly mode of transport also. But still people do tend to use them less; but since the invention of Strida, there can be no excuses. This type has changed the concept of foldable bikes. It has a triangular, main frame, which is made of light weight materials. Strida has a Kelvar belt, which transfers all the power to the the rear wheels. The bike has horizontal handle bars, which help the rider to sit upright comfortably, and also give him/her a great view. In less that 10 seconds, the frame of the bike can be collapsed into a compact way and the whole unit can be put in you car, or your closet, or even loaded onto a train. Since it has no oiled gears and chains, the bike has a killer look. It costs only $800 and you can take it where ever you go!

4. Tetris


Not a fan of electric bikes? Here is a folding bike, which is pedal powered. The designer, Danilo Mangini has made a fabulous effort and has come up with this design of half a pedal folding bike concept called as Tetris. When not used, the the bike functions like a trolley. Tires of this bike are of 22 inches; the bike, thus, requires only one-half the power as compared to the conventional bikes. This bike is not meant for long journeys, but the bike powered by pedals helps us in contributing a lot towards the cause of the environment.

5. ROBRADY Design db0

ROBRADY Design db0

The Robrady bike is wonder bike, which has zero emissions and is also battery powered. This folding bike has won an award in the mobility category and has been available in 2010. The folding mechanism is unique but the other performance parameters are a bit scanty.



Mostly, the ads for folding bikes look very attractive, but in reality, the bikes might create a lot of problem during the folding process. A bike, which was mainly created in order to sort out this issue was Armadillo. The bike has a circular axis right in the center. As soon as you unlock it and rotate the axis, the bike takes a shape, which is very convenient. The wheels and the seat, have an optimum angle and the bike becomes a tripod. Just as the image above shows, one can carry it off quite conveniently. It can also be used as a trolley.

7. E-bike


The main concept here is not only being eco friendly,but also to save space. E-Bike is designed to help people adopt a healthy and environment friendly lifestyle. It can be carried anywhere with ease. E-Bike comes in both electric and gas versions and precautions have been taken so that battery is not affected during the folding process. It can be folded without even lifting the bike. After taking everything into consideration, the end design is that the bike will have a 20″ folding wheel with an embedded battery. This is a very practical design especially in congested traffic.

8. GrassHopper


Grasshopper is a very smart looking and an environment friendly electric bike. It is best for active people in urban areas. The battery of this Grasshopper charges whenever you brake the bike or pedal it. This one functions as an exercise bike also. It is like, play as you move!

9. One


With all the congestion on the roads, cars create a real problem during the peak hours. ‘One’ is a stylish and a comfortable bike, which apart from being eco friendly, power-assists the user to cruise in ease. It can be easily carried or stowed.

10. Eco 07
Eco 07

The race now is to make a bike, which is easy to fold and yet be fast. The Eco 07 is one such bike with folding wheels. The bike has six different modules, that have pivots in the joints. This helps the bike to be folded into six different parts and a triangle, with expandable modules.

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