Green Transportation Guide

Ten most bike friendly cities in the world

Biking as an alternative transportation mode is becoming icreasingly popular. Commuting by bikes helps reduce pollution and global warming. All the more, bicycling is a great way of exercising too. Though biking is becoming popular worldwide, there are on

10 Concept electric cars designed to overcome range anxiety

The greatest complaint that people have against an electric car is that if it runs out of charge, then the passengers are stuck. While hybrids assuage this fear to a certain extent, the hybrid technology can be quite expensive. Here are top automakers fro

10 eco friendly concept cars designed for Ferrari

Ferrari is known for manufacturing cars that pack unmatchable muscle, impeccable design and astonishing looks. Most of its cars dressed in glossy red have been a dream of many and a symbol of pride for some of those who could possibly afford it. However,

Best of 2011: Zero emission vehicles

The demand to protect the environment from the harmful gases, which come out from the tailpipes of the diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles is at its peak these days and it has prompted many companies and innovative automotive designers to come up wi

Green Wheels: Ford Focus electric

The green machine Ford Focus Electric, which is set to emerge as a strong electric car, has a mileage of over 100 miles per gallon. The 23kWh lithium-ion battery used in this car takes less than four hours to get charged via a 240v outlet. This car can

What’s Next: Hybrid yachts to cut down on fuel consumption

As we know it Yatchs were introduced at the start of 20th century to become a possession to be owned by the opulent community. Since then, it is a matter of pride for anyone to own a private yatch, a status symbol. Right from businessman to celebrities

Best of 2011: Concept hybrid vehicles for low emission commutes

The latest trend that is been religiously followed by every other automobile manufacturer around the globe is of Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and all-electric vehicles (EVs). This sudden transmogrification is

10 adventurous journeys made in eco friendly vehicles

With the ‘Green’ revolution making its ’rounds’ across the world, many designers and fabricators have got busy making travel plans in Eco-friendly vehicles to show the practicality and usefulness of being green. Some of the journeys are on land while some

Green Wheels: Jo-Mojo Electric Roadster

The green machine Designed and manufactured by Dartz Motors, the Jo-Mojo electric roadster features innovation and futuristic design. The company is planning to target the SUV market through this vehicle designed by Eduard Gray from Gray Designs. Powered

What’s Next: Fuel efficient aviation

As we know itAir transportation or aviation has now almost taken a new face as the main contributor of air pollution resulting in climate change. However, when it comes to taking a consolidated look at its contribution towards CO2 emissions, then the res

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