Ways to create your own eco-friendly garden at home

create your own eco-friendly garden at home

Having a garden in the house is one of the most beautiful and pleasing things. We all know that trees and plants have multiple benefits not only for the environment but also for our health. This is why it is vital to take care of your garden in the right way. Today, many people use various types of pesticides and chemicals for their gardens. This is dangerous not only to our health but for the environment as well. Moreover, the entire concept of having a garden has changed. Here are a few creative and exciting ways to an eco-friendly garden at home.

6 Creative ways to an eco-friendly garden at home

1. Companion Planting

This is a technique wherein you plant different types of flowers and plants next to each other. This is done for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is to drive pests away. For example, you can plant a rose plant next to the garlic pod. The smell from the garlic plant repels any pests coming close to the rose plant. This is also one of the creative ways for garden décor.

2. Interplanting


If you have a limited garden space or want to maximize it in general, you can use the interplanting technique. This helps different crops with different growth cycles to work together. For example, In between large plants, you can use smaller ones. Similarly, in between fast-growing plants, placing slow-growing plants works well. Another perfect example of interplanting is growing a cabbage plant near the onion plant. The Cabbage provides the shade that onions need to grow.

3. Composting

To have an eco-friendly garden at home also means that you adopt eco-friendly gardening methods. Composting is one such method you can use to create an eco-garden. This is a process wherein you make compost out of kitchen scraps like vegetable peels. Composting helps to bring in essential microorganisms and nutrients that the earth needs.

4. Keep a few bees

beesFor those who can handle bees, there is nothing better than to have them. It is also one of the best ways on how to create an eco-garden. Bees are known to improve pollination and are one of the most integral parts of pollination. Just make sure you do not use pesticides if you plan to keep bees.

5. Have a bird feeder and water fountain

No eco-friendly garden at home is complete without a little space for the birds. You can buy a commercial bird feeder and place it in your garden. Have a small water fountain, or place a bowl of water. It is a perfect way to care for mother nature and to have an eco-friendly garden.

6. Let’s not forget the flowers

planting flowersOne of the best ways to apply sustainable garden designs for the house is to go with different colored flowers. You can place flowers like Roses, Tulips, Orchids, and other such plants across the garden. This will also enhance the look and décor of your garden and leave it looking beautiful.

For more details, it’d be better if you contact any experienced gardener in your region or you could also get gardening advice from Tree Service Minneapolis if you happen to live in that region. Things like that could help you a lot.

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