Louvred roofs are the best utilization of your outdoor space when it comes to creating the ideal sitting area. Louvred roofs are where horizontal slats are installed at an angle in a manner letting sunlight and air enter, but rain does not get through. Even if the rain were to come in at an odd angle or because of the way your house is situated, then motor-operated systems can even let you close the slats completely, keeping the rainwater out completely. Whether you want a roof for your restaurant’s beer garden or want a louvred patio roof system for your home’s backyard, you will not regret your decision!


LOUVERED-ROOF-SYSTEMSWhile a louvered roof system plays a role similar to that of an awning (retractable or otherwise) in providing shelter from the sun and elements, they are both very different. Louvered roof systems have a 160-degree range of motion, allowing you to adjust the same according to the weather you’re experiencing at the time. Some roof systems even come with rain sensors which will cause your roof system to automatically close and protect whatever is beneath it from getting wet. You can use the same system to control the amount of sunlight that penetrates through and the level of ventilation that you find appealing.

Hygienic and Safe

LOUVERED-ROOF-SYSTEMSLouvered roof systems are also a lot more hygienic and safer. With fabric canopies (such as those found in awnings), you run the risk of mold or fungus growing and making people sick. Fabric canopies aren’t as durable as louvered roof systems that are made from durable metal that can withstand the elements. Awnings, on the other hand, would go flying the second a mildly strong wind was to blow. You can also maintain privacy by attaching retractable screens to the sides of your roof.


LOUVERED-ROOF-SYSTEMSA great example of these systems is the Mary Grove Louvered Roof Systems. They make quality products at great prices and the customer service definitely adds to the value for money. As far as louvred roof systems go, they have products with sophisticated designs that do not allow any aspect or feature to be compromised. One example is the galvanized steel flashing of the roof which covers the vents of the roof. This allows airflow to come through uninterrupted even when it’s raining and you have the slats closed. You’ll also find detailed DIY guides which will save you a ton of money on installation bills.

When to Install

LOUVERED-ROOF-SYSTEMSIf you are going to opt for a louvered roof system, we suggest that you install it during spring which will ensure your installation process goes without being hampered by less-than-ideal weather conditions. You’ll also have the opportunity to take full advantage of your new purchase as summer will be just around the corner. You also need to keep a close eye on maintenance as these roof systems are proper mechanical apparatus that require upkeep and care.

It helps if you know how to keep your system clean and the specifics for this are not hard to figure out. According to the material used in your product, you can simply use a search engine to find the best ways to clean. Some basics for this include rinsing the panels before you begin scrubbing, wash all slats individually, and thoroughly rinse the system after applying soap (which shouldn’t contain any harsh chemicals if you want to prolong the life of your roof system).

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