10 Simple things that can help reduce global warming

Reduce global warmingMan has always destroyed and has broken the norms of mother nature to fulfill his selfish motives. Global warming is the rise of the Earth’s temperature due to the increasing level of green house gases viz. carbon dioxide, water-vapor, nitrous oxide and methane. The substance and other pollutants trap heat and light from the sun into the earth’s atmosphere and rise the temperature of the Earth. It will raise the sea-level, low-lying islands under water and would diminish the land space for us to live on.

The changing and unpredictable climatic conditions are an alarm for us to wake up and stop our scrupulous activities and save the save the earth from submerge. Frequent occurrence of floods, earthquakes, Tsunamis and other natural calamities are the result of this natural, yet man-created problem called Global Warming.

10 simple things that can help reduce global warming are outlined below:

1.Plant a tree:

Plant a Tree

Trees undergo photosynthesis, producing and releasing oxygen in the air and inhale carbon dioxide. They clean up the atmosphere, provide shade and balance carbon dioxide content in the air which would in turn helps control global warming. ‘World Plantation Day’ is celebrated every year to support this cause and we all should actively participate in this activity to support it.

2. Use less hot water:

Use Less Hot Water

Geysers and water heaters emit carbon dioxide in huge quantities, pollute air and increase the level global warming. Use less hot water and keep water heaters below 120 degrees Fahrenheit can control this effect to quite a large extent. Use hot water only only when it is must required like bathing in winters and when you are fallen sick and can’t use cold water. Do not use it for washing clothes or utensils.

3.Change a bulb:

Change a Light Bulb

If you do not have not installed an energy-saving bulb, change it today. Compact fluorescent bulbs use less energy, trap lesser heat, and thus will help us save and balance the earth’s biodiversity and native Eco-systems.

4.Use recycled products:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Encourage yourself and others to buy and use recycled products and show your concern towards mother earth. Also, donate or sell unwanted things in good condition rather than throwing it away to encourage recycling of products This can save a lot of energy and thus, can save our environment from getting polluted. Say no to plastic bags, use paper bags instead.

5.Less Heat and Air-conditioning:

Less Heat and Air Conditioning

Use ceiling fans to cool your house instead of banking more on air conditioners as they release huge quantities of carbon dioxide into the air and pollute it. Also, keep your doors and windows closed during the day time to insulate your house, and there in return reduce the need to switch on air -conditioners.

6. Drive less and drive smart:

Drive Less and Drive Smart

The best way to show your concern towards the rising effects of global warming is by using an energy-efficient car. These days many automotive companies have come up with hybrid cars that run on gas and electricity instead of fossil fuels like diesel and petroleum. Also, while driving your car, make sure that the tyres of your car are fully inflated so that they do not release unwanted carbon dioxide into the air.

7. Use fossil fuels more efficiently:

Use fossil fuels more efficiently

Fossil Fuels are made from dead animals and plants. Use of fossil fuels, like diesel and petrol for transportation and others other purposes like running big engines for factories and others lead to quantum release of carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere and polluting it in multitudes. So, we should try to use fossil fuels more smartly and efficiently.

8.Save old-growth forests, cut sustainably:

Save old-growth forests, cut sustainably

Age-old forests deeply rooted in the soil should be protected from deforestation.. If at all they are to be cut down, they should be cut sustainably only by cutting their long-grown branches and not uprooting them completely or cutting their trunks.Trees with strong roots hold the soil tight and prevent soil-erosion. Thus, we should cherish and preserve our deep and thick grown forests from destruction.

9.Encourage others to practice energy conservation:

Encourage Others to Practice Energy Conservation

Our responsibility does not end only by conserving and saving mother earth ourselves but it is also our responsibility to initiate, encourage and involve other people to do the same. This starts from educating our children, neighbors, relatives and friends. Remember, the more people join in hands to save nature, the faster will we get the results more effectively. Instigating other people to change their lifestyle towards protecting our environment by saving energy is as important as doing it ourselves.

10. Get a report card from your utility company:

Get a Report Card from Your Utility Company

Ask your utility company every month to send you a report card on how much energy you have saved in the previous month. This will help you to not only check your contribution towards saving energy but will also instigate you to compare your results and do better in future.

Global Warming is a curse to the entire mankind and it is high time we should wake up and fight against it collectively or individually at our best level.

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