7 Things kids can do to help the environment

Healthy Habits

Today, all parents are worried about their kids’ health. Polluted environment, traffic, hustle bustle all around are the major reasons for their worry. But what are we doing to save these kids. We cannot change the environment nor can we stop the traffic. But yes, we can teach healthy habits to these kids that will help them today and lifelong.

Given below are seven such habits kids can do to help the environment

1. Walk to school or carpool

School Walk

Consuming less fuel means emitting less carbon into the atmosphere which means less harm to the atmosphere. These days every household has two or three cars parked outside and these cars use gasoline to run which is the major cause of pollution. To control this, car pooling should be preferred if the distance to the destination is more and if the distance is short than the habit of walking should be inculcated among children. This will not only help in reducing pollution but will also impart physical fitness.

2. Turn off water while brushing

Brushing teeth

Most kids do not turn off water while brushing and soaping and this is becoming part of their daily routine. It is very important to teach them good habits so that they do not follow bad habits lifelong. They must be taught to brush and soap with water off. This small amount of water saved daily can create huge difference in time.

3. Turn off lights and electronics when not in use

Turn off lights

Kids are not cost conscious so we need to make them environmentally conscious so that they learn to switch off appliances and electronics if the bills don’t matter to them. Kids must be taught to save energy by turning off lights while leaving room and switching off computer, video games, TV etc., after use. These habits must be taught at school as well as at home.

4. Recycling

Recycle waste

It has been aptly said that children walk on the footprints of their parents. This holds true in inculcating habits also. Going green in lifestyle is very important to save environment. Parents should recycle waste materials and teach their kids to do the same. They should teach them the importance and need for recycling.

5. Dishwashing when fully loaded


Dishwashers use significantly more water to wash the load of dishes as compared to the conventional hand washing dish method. Therefore, to save water either full load of dishes should be washed in dish washer using eco-friendly dish washing detergent or hand wash dishes instead of using a dishwasher.

6. Reduce waste by using less disposables

Disposable cup waste

Using disposable cups, plates, wrappers and utensils is in trend these days. People prefer use and throw stuff to save their and energy. But this habit is spoiling ecological balance as more and more waste is getting being collected for landfills. Disposable napkins and towels used in bathrooms also add to this trash. This disposed waste is not only filling earth with trash but also disturbing ecological system as massive amount of trees are being cut to make these napkins and paper utensils. We can make an effort to save environment by using less throwaway utensils and containers. Eating less often at food joints also reduces the amount of trash added to the landfills.

7. Plant trees

Planting trees

Trees provide cleaner air and add beauty to the landscapes. There are a large number of organizations all over the world that plant trees and have many volunteers to help them. We should also participate in such organizations and make an effort to change the world. Planting trees not only adds scenic beauty but is very important for the whole planet if we want to see our future generations happy and healthy.

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