10 stunning art creations made using recycled stuff

Recycled work of art

Art knows no boundary, language nor definite rules. Anyone with innate talent, determination, imagination and creativity can create a masterpiece of any sorts. Contrary to what most people believe, art is not restricted to just drawings and paintings. Anything created with imagination and oodles of creativity can be deemed as art. For example, even a child’s scribbling can be considered art for his parents. In this world where talent can be found in abundance, some are blessed with a sense of making extraordinary creations of art from ordinary things that would otherwise be considered junk. Here are 10 most remarkable works of art.

1. Bike arch made from a collection of broken bikes

Bike arch made from a collection of broken bikes

When one things of an arch, the usual things that an arch is made up of that comes to mind are bricks, stones, cement, bamboo or even wood. However, this arch has been constructed with bikes. Designers Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector have created this unique arch with a many broken bikes. This work of art is also a work of wonder as this tall free standing structure makes the headlines all over the world. It gives trash to treasure a whole new meaning.

2. Polar bears by Tone Holmen, from used wood, used plastic carrier bags, chicken net

Polar bears by Tone Holmen

This work of wonder created by Tone Holemen has surely attracted a lot of visitors. The picture does not do complete justice to the structure that stands on the free walk for one and all to see. Instead of fur and meat, this polar bear is made of wood, used plastic bags and chicken nets. Striking! Isn’t it?

3. Patchwork Dog by Robert Bradford, children’s toys found at garage sales

Patchwork Dog by Robert Bradford

Talk about man made animals! A huge toy like structure made from broken toys that were found at a garage sale is what Robert Bradford has so innovatively constructed. The colors used are very vibrant and the entire structure has a very patchwork look. One could see from that picture that a lot of hard work has been put into gluing small pieces of toys together.

4. All American Girl by Sandhi Schimmel, using tax forms and political junk mail

All American Girl by Sandhi Schimmel

Sandhi Schimmel takes the word art to a whole new level with his All American girl collage made from using torn pieces of tax forms and political junk mail. The colors used are those of the American flag and the portrait of the girl has been made to perfection. Schimmel has paid attention to minute details and this is what sets this collage apart from others.

5. Trash People by HA Schult

Trash People by HA Schult

The trash people display by HA Schults is said to be the largest display of recycled art in the world. It has an array of thousand men standing. All these figures are made from computer parts, plastic and aluminum cans. What a fantastic way of making use of things that would otherwise be deemed as rubbish!

6. Forevertron – an entire park made of scrap

Forevertron – An Entire park made of scrap

Forevertron, created by Tom Every is the world’s largest metal sculpture. It is an entire park that has been created from scrap that is more than a hundred years old. If you look at the structure, you would notice that it has been very carefully designed, having nearly everything a usual park has.

7. Very Hungry God by Indian artist Subodh

Very Hungry God by Indian artist Subodh

Have you ever seen kitchen utensils being used for anything other than cooking? If not, have a look at this. This sculpture, designed by Subodh, an Indian artist is made of kitchen utensils. A lot of hard work has been put into keeping the pieces together as Subodh has very carefully designed this very hungry God.

8. Moby the Frog by Anthony Wilson

Moby the Frog by Anthony Wilson

Moby the Frog is a creative construction by Anthony Wilson, made of mobiles. He has very creatively added color to his design by using cells phones with different colored panels. He has, very imaginatively used gas pipes to frame the legs of the frog.

9. Life size Snowman by Canadian Daycare Center

Life size Snowman by Canadian daycare center

The Canadian Daycare Center has done the impossible – created a snowman that does not melt in snow! Of course this snowman is not made of snow. Instead, hundreds of recycled lunch products belonging to the children of the daycare center have been used like empty juice packages, cans, etc.

10. Flip-flop Monkey by art students in São Paulo, Brazil

Flip-flop Monkey by art students in São Paulo, Brazil

A monkey wearing flip flops? Well! Not quite so. This structure is made by the art students in Sao Paulo, Brazil by putting together more than a thousand pairs of flip flops.

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