15 ecofriendly diy ideas plastic bottle caps

diy ideas plastic bottle caps

You must be having a lot of bottle caps from the soda and beer bottles you’ve popped. However, did you ever think that you could put them to good use? Well, in case you didn’t, now is the time. When you have something as handy as bottle caps with you, you don’t lack ideas to use them creatively. We are sure that you would start collecting them after you see these extraordinary crafts using bottle caps.  They don’t deserve to be thrown. From wall art to candles, you have more choices than you want. Here are some great ecofriendly DIY ideas plastic bottle caps you can be inspired from:

14 Ecofriendly DIY ideas plastic bottle caps

 1. Wreath

WreathImage Source :

Announce to the world that it’s your exclusive man space with a beer bottle cap wreath. Don’t even paint the caps – just let them be. An easy craft which anyone can accomplish.

2. Waterproof coasters and table mats

Bored of your jute coasters? Or maybe tired of washing those cloth table mats and coasters? Create or upcycle old metal and plastic coasters and mats with bottle caps. It’s a fantastic ecofriendly diy ideas plastic bottle capswhich is easy to make by yourself.

3. Table top ideas

All you need to convert an old table into a new, chic, and smart one are some bottle caps. Use them as they are or change their color with paint. Then paint your old and faded table into a bright white color, and stick the bottle caps on the top. This will look just fabulous!

Another bottle cap decoration ideas 2018which is truly eye-catching is decorating an old wooden table into an elegant center table. Design a beautiful pattern first and stick the caps according to the pattern on the table. Polish the wooden legs to get the most wonderful and elegant center table.

4. Decorated letters

Your kids would love DIY bottle cap craft ideas like this one. Create cute letters by spray painting some bottle caps according to the colors you like. Then stick them onto cardboard. Choose the first letter of your child’s name and put it in his or her room. They’ll love to show off this unique décor to their friends!

5. Wall art

Wall art.

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Why not create a beautiful work of art? It can be your own design or you check out some interesting patterns on the net. It can be a funky geometric pattern which you can use. Frame it and put it up on your wall. It’s a wonderful diy bottle cap craft ideas which is cheap and looks magnificent on completion.

6. Decorated frame

There are numerous ecofriendly diy ideas plastic bottle caps. One of the ideas that we like and think is the top contender for the best bottle cap decoration ideas 2018 is decorating picture frames with bottle caps. You can paint the caps and glue them to the frame according to your color scheme. It can be a single colored or multi colored frame. Make smileys and stick them onto frames.

Mirror frames look great too, and brightly colored bottle frames liven up any old corner.

7. Bottle cap tray

As with the table top idea, an old tray can be made new with just a few bottle caps. One of the ecofriendly diy ideas plastic bottle caps is to line up painted bottle caps in three classic colors, on an old white tray. This little craft is one of the interesting plastic bottle cap crafts we have come across.

8. Charm necklace

Add sequins behind a bottle cap. It will become a beautiful charm pendant for your necklace. It a very simple and interesting plastic bottle cap crafts you could try.

9. Colorful fridge magnets

Colorful fridge magnets

Another idea which kids will love is to make colorful fridge magnets out of bottle caps. You have to use metal caps for this craft. Buy small magnets and stick them behind the caps. Paint or stick any pattern on the front of the cap. Make any number of fridge magnets with this method.

These magnets look so cute that they are good gifts too. Especially for your kid’s friends! It’s anecofriendly diy ideas plastic bottle caps which is really nice.

10. Personalized bauble

Make a personalized keychain with typewriter keys and bottle caps. This is a good way to make use of that old typewriter in the attic which you’re loathe to part with. Things like old typewriters hold a sentimental value for us, which is just hard to explain to other. Express this love for your antique typewriter by making an exquisite necklace.

Insert a typewriter printed letter under the epoxy dome on a bottle cap which has been pressed flat. Attach other pretty charms to a lobster clasp for a unique personalized bauble.

11. Photo magnet tree

We’ve seen how you can turn metallic caps into fridge magnets. Now go a step further and be a little more crafty. Stick the photos of your family on the bottle caps’ inside. Add armature wire stem to the photos to make a pretty family free fridge magnet.

12. Tiny candles

candlesImage Source :

With some melted candle or crayons, you can create teeny tiny candles. Use pre-waxed wicks to make the itty bitty cute and colorful candles. They’re sure to be conversation pieces, whenever you have guests over!

13. Bottle cap backsplash

One of the cheapest ideas to transform your kitchen backsplash is to use bottle caps. Spray paint them in pretty complementary colors and let them dry. Take out the old tiles, and set the new bottle cap backsplash.

Beer bottle cap backsplash is a great idea for your wet bar as well. It’s a creative and unique ecofriendly diy ideas plastic bottle caps.

14. Chair alteration

Convert your cloth foldable chairs into colorful waterproof ones. In fact, you can change your old outdoor furniture, including tables with bottle caps. Stick them all over the chairs and tabletop to make an outstanding outdoor furniture set.

Bottlecap art is amazingly easy to do and the result is always beautiful and magnificent. Tabletop decoration, wall art, fridge magnets, necklaces, and even backsplashes can be made using bottle caps.

Final Words

Bottle caps, whether metal or plastic, can be converted into beautiful designs which can be used as decorative pieces around the home. Some ideas are both functional and stunning. Another benefit of making new things from bottle caps is that you save them from ending up in landfills. So, go ahead, unleash your creativity!

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