5 best bamboo bikes promising performance with style

5 best bamboo bikes

Riding a bicycle is a great way to keep the environment away from the clutches of pollution. But, these bikes are made from different kind of metals that add to the carbon footprint. There are many companies that are giving these bikes an eco-friendly outlook for eco-conscious people. Bamboo is light in weight, durable and grows quickly. Here is a list of 5 bamboo bikes that have been made by exploiting these traits of bamboo and promise a great performance.

1. Smoked Bamboo Bike

Smoked Bamboo Bike

Smoked Bamboo bike ranks high on the durability graph. It has been created by Calfee Designs and promises to deliver a comfortable riding experience. The Bamboo frames are quite rigid and even surpass aluminum, titanium, steel and carbon frames in terms of performance. The frame is heat treated and smoked and has a satin polyurethane finish. It comes with a 10 year warranty and is resistant to impacts and stress that comes tagged with rough terrains. The frames come coated with uniqueness as they can be customized as per a user’s whims and fancies. One can give the frame a crazy geometry, which will make heads turn with surprise. Smoked Bamboo Bike won’t harm the environment and will win many hearts with its exceptional traits.

2. Boo Bicycles

Boo Bicycles

Boo Bicycles has been founded by a professional cyclist Nick Frey who also holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 2008, Frey raced an archetype of bamboo carbon fiber bike. He joined hands with James Wolf Designs to deliver high performance and quality bamboo bicycles. The bicycles by Boo come coated with a lot of comfort and are quite flexible and smooth. The bikes can be tailored with even the minutest detail in place. The products come tagged with a lifetime warranty and vow to soak you with an unforgettable experience. Bamboo bikes by Boo are light in weight and will emerge as a winner under all kinds of conditions.

3. BambooFunky Bike

BambooFunky Bike

BambooFunky Bike by Denmark-based Industrial Designer, Flavio Deslandes, comes draped in good looks. The attention-grabbing design has been crafted using bamboo, which makes it an eco-friendly creation. The bike come injected with new technologies and will re-introduce the spirit of natural materials in your life. The funky has been blessed with a long life because it has been heat and surface treated. The medium-sized, single speed creation has been fitted with 26 inch wheels and features bamboo tubes placed in a criss-cross manner.

4. Caleb Bamboo Road Bike

Caleb Bamboo Road Bike

Caleb Bamboo Road Bike is a sustainable creation by Organic Bikes. Caleb is quite stylish and its frame is hand-crafted from bamboo which has been coupled with alloy for a comfortable ride. The frame is very stiff and comes in various sizes. Caleb can be purchased as a frame or a complete tailored bike, as per a buyer’s needs. It has a compact geometry and the fame will be available at a price-tag of $899 USD.

5. The Pandurban Commuter:

The Pandurban Commuter

The attention-grabbing bike by Renovo Bicycles has been made using a tough bamboo frame. The laminated frame is graced by the presence of performance-oriented disc brakes. It will roll on puncture resistant tires, which measure 700c x 32mm. One can flexibly choose from two drivetrains that makes the Pandurban commuter all the more special. The sustainable creation will come wedged with a LED headlight that will turn on automatically.

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