5 Things that are benefiting from global warming

Benefits of Global WarmingEach conceivable activity processing in the universe has two sides, one dark side and one bright side. The intensity of each will determine its innate dominating power. The dark side of global warming is so overwhelming that the good done by it seems microbial in comparison. We have something good to narrate about the good character of global warming, take a look.

1. Greenland gets a makeover

Greenland gets a makeover

The rapid thawing of the colossal ice sheets in Greenland is making way for increasing arable land. Crops like broccoli are being cultivated on an industrious level and certain enterprises have undertaken digging for gold, coal and even diamonds. The possibility of oil reserves and opening up of new shipping lanes is also being explored. The possibility of self-sufficiency is making people vote for independence from Denmark. The politicians of Greenland have started hinting this and may soon come with an appeal to the European Union, demanding an independent state.

2. Jellyfish living large

Jellyfish living large

Although rising temperatures and increasing acidification of the sea water is having an overall negative impact on the marine life, but admits all the chaos, the jellyfish is flourishing. No defined reasons have yet been verified that would support such a phenomenon, but scientists believe that the abundant amount of plankton due to overfishing is suitable for thriving of the jellyfish. In certain parts of the Black Sea, around 1000 tiny comb jellyfish is found for every cubic meter. Not only numbers but also something weird is happening to the size of the jellyfish, some of the varieties in Japan weigh 450Ibs and are very destructive.

3. Mountains reach new height

Mountains reach new height

Wacky as it may sound, but while the glaciers across the world are on a melting spree, some mountains are all set to reach towering heights. The process can be explained as something like this; when snow on mountain peaks melts due to rising temperatures, the burden underneath declines and the mountains get a chance to rise to their full potential. A live example of this is the western arm of the Alps, which is aid to be growing in height by .035 inches every year.

4. Smallpox

Smallpox re emerging

Declared as extinct by the World Health Organization in 1979, the smallpox virus is again on the verge of re emergence. The credit for the comeback can be attributed to global warming. Scientists claim that the smallpox virus can survive frozen in the Arctic tundra for many decades together and now when the ice is melting due to global warming, this virus will get released. In 1980, when a mass grave was dug in Siberia, scientists had discovered the virus was still active, but nothing really happened to bring it back. Work on a new and more powerful vaccine has already begun to tackle any epidemic, if it occurs at all after all these years.

5. Satellites spin faster

Satellites spin faster

The speed of the orbiting satellites has shown a fluctuation a great many times in the past. This correlation has been explained to occur due to the 11 years cycle of the sunspots. Sunspots are dark areas featuring on the surface of the earth due to heavy magnetic activity. The outermost layer of the atmosphere experiences a decline in its gas content due to the sunspots, and when the density of the gasses become less , the satellites tend to travel with more speed. Due to global warming, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is also increasing, the earth becomes cooler and the thermosphere becomes less dense and so CO2 also contributes in speeding up the movement of the satellites.

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