5 biggest gardens in the world

Biggest gardens in the world

The word ‘Garden’ in itself sounds reliving in the midst of today’s hustle-bustle, traffic noise, pollution and chaos. Gardens blend nature with serenity to serve mankind. Everything in the world is getting commercialized and if such commercialization transforms a piece of land into spectacular gardens then nobody would mind such transformations. Let’s take a look at the 5 biggest gardens in the world.

1. Mohammad Bin Rashid Garden

Mohammad Bin Rashid Garden

Mohammad Bin Rashid garden, located in Dubai, is one of the biggest gardens of the world. Started by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Leader of Dubai, this project estimates around 200bn United Arab Emirates dirham. The garden is going to serve ecological integrity for real estate requisites. The garden encompasses four houses. The first house named as ‘House of Wisdom’ includes a library, knowledge gardens, international organizations’ offices, science and history colleges, a mosque, translation lodgings and Sheikh Mohammad’s masjid. The second house has been named as ‘House of Humanity’, and encompasses charity establishments, Unicef, the museum of light, the human civilization museum and buildings for the House of Giving for Charity. The third house is called as ‘House of Nature’ and is regarded as one of the chief houses. It includes family parks, gardens, scientific labs, colleges with specialization in natural sciences, hotels and herbal clinics. ‘House of Commerce’ is the fourth house. It encompasses banking institutes, towers, trademark agents, branches of international companies and Islamic banks.

2. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens

This garden serves as a place for relaxing and admiring along with learning and exploration in botanical & horticultural field. This place is around 150 years old and is a very famous destination for travelers and researchers from across the globe. The garden is full of wonderful plants collection from all over the world. Spread over an area of 7 and half acres, the garden shows rich history and profound education. Garden has been beautified by Swam lake, Symphony lake and waterfalls that add to its glory and charisma.

3. The garden at the Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles

The French garden designed by Andre Le Notre features various ponds, fountains, number of trees. The garden was commissioned by King Louis XIV. Both, the palace and the garden were named as World Heritage Site in 1979. This place is termed as ‘Village of Love’. It compasses palace of Versailles, king’s bedroom, a pond, a mill and queen’s house. The whole garden gives a royal feel and depicts rich history.

4. Jason deCaires Taylor’s underwater sculpture garden

Jason deCaires Taylor’s underwater sculpture garden

We have talked a lot about rich historical and magnificent gardens, and now we will talk about a splendid under water garden. Located at the coast of Grenada, Jason deCaires Taylor’s underwater sculpture garden is an ultimate example of creativity and splendor. The idea behind the garden is to depict an ideal habitat. The sculptures of human beings have been created using eco-friendly materials to encourage coral to nurture. These sculptures are made up of a special type of cement which is 10 times harder than the normal cement and is not harmful for the aquatic life.

5. The gardens at The Vatican

The gardens at The Vatican

The gardens of The Vatican, located in the midst of Rome are a symbol of the spiritual empire of Roman Catholic Church. The Great Dome of Basilica stands in the middle of the garden that adds to its exquisiteness and spirituality. The whole state is marked by presence of the remains of St. Peter. The place has been used for meditation by the Popes since 1279. This beautiful place is known throughout the world for its beauty, architecture and holiness.

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