5 plant species facing threat due to climate change

Plants and trees facing extinction

Global warming and climatic change have not only threatened the existence of mankind, but have had an equally devastating effect on plant and animal life. Plants, which are basis to human life, are under serious threat. Nearly one fifth of the plant species, of the known 380,000 species, are on the verge of extinction. This means one out of every timber, fruit, ornamental, or medicinal plant around is likely to disappear shortly.

The climatic upheaval in the past centuries can, to an extent, be blamed on inconsiderate human activities. Deforestation and rising environment pollution are caused by selfish human motive. As a result many plant species have disappeared or will not survive till 2050. The tropical rain forest habitat is the highest threatened region from climatic change and human activity. During the last decade, a sort of consciousness has awakened global population to this realization. Botanists and scientists world over are trying to save some through efforts. This list of known and common plants speaks their story of extinction.


1. Raffelesia magnifica:

This largest known single flower will soon disappear from earth. This critically endangered plant, grown in Philippines, has lost its habitat to huge influx of tourists and heavy industrialization in the region. Raffelesia, grown in low land evergreen rainforest, now has only a few dozen male species lingering around. It won’t be long when botanists have to search replacement for ‘the single largest flower’ title.



This common pretty flower will soon vanish from your garden. The reason for this is that ideal climate for survival of this plant is becoming rare. According to a recent survey, Cyclamen strive in typical Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and cool and wet winters. But this suitable climatic condition is no more available for this plant’s survival. It is studied that by 2050, only few out of the 21 known species of this plant will survive.

3. Magnolia:


Magnolia, used for traditional Chinese medicines since last 5000 years, is soon going to disappear. The plant is highly effective in fighting cancer, dementia, and heart diseases. This threat has risen due to heavy deforestation in its habitat region.

4. Snow drop:

Snow drop

This beautiful, humbled white flower will not be adorning gardens of central and eastern European countries for long. A study conducted by Royal Botanic Garden, Kew says, Snow drop is on the verge of extinction; as the vegetation in these regions is under pressure due to alarming human activities and resulting climate change.

5. Oak and Beech trees:

Oaks and beeches

Oaks and Beeches, have for long been, adding scenic beauty to European coasts. These ornamental trees are hit by sudden oak death, a fungal disease brought by rhododendron plants, which earlier destroyed America’s Oaks from its western coast.

Beech trees planted 170 years ago, are dying due to climatic change, hot summers, and wet winters. Their shallow root is susceptible to summer draught.

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