6 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Healthier For Better Sleep

Make Your Bedroom Healthier For Better Sleep

You follow all the good habit to keep yourself healthy but, how many of you try keeping your bedroom healthy? Yes, you read correctly. Your bedroom is the room where you spend more than one-third of your life. No matter how many healthy habits you have, your bedroom can influence your health more than you think. It’s the space which is very personal to you. Also, it has emotional and physical connections with you. Hence, if your bedroom has positive vibes and good energy, it gets into you and makes you a healthier person. Similarly, if your bedroom is not a healthy space, you feel tired and sick most of your life. It is clear that your bedroom is essential for you and your health.

Now, you might be thinking about the changes you need to make in your bedroom. Therefore, with the intention to enable you with the right knowledge, this article has some marvelous tips to make your sleeping room
 more healthy and sleep-friendly.

Follow The Right Shades

Make Your Bedroom HealthierVisual satisfaction is an influencing element in your life. Your bedroom shades are equally important as your bed. For your bedroom, choose shades that are cool and soothing. Neutral colors provide calm and relaxing vibes hence they are more in for bedrooms. Moreover, pay attention to the quality of the paint too because paints that are eco-friendly and does not introduce any bad odor in the environment.

Bring In Some Sunshine

Your bedroom is definitely a private zone for you. However, insufficient sunlight can make it an unhealthy space. Sunshine can act as a disinfectant in your room and, also it brings in the freshness. Trapped in moisture can cause bacteria or germs in your bedroom and, sun-rays can help you get rid of them. If you want to make your bedroom healthier and germ-free, direct sunlight is the very effective solution. Hence, once in a while let the sunshine get in your sleeping room.

To control the sunlight entering your room at different times of the day, you can invest in window treatments like blinds, shades, or curtains, depending on your privacy and amount of light needed, ease of use, cleaning and maintenance, and budget.

Get a Comfy and Clean Mattress 


Sleep and mattress are very closely related. Even if your bedroom has all the sleep-friendly elements, an uncomfortable mattress can affect your sleep adversely. A good mattress can boost your sleep experience instantly. Therefore, make sure you are sleeping on the right mattress which is suitable for your body type and sleeping posture. In case your mattress is old or uncomfortable, get it replaced with a fresh and comfy mattress. This will make your bedroom more healthy allowing you to sleep better. Voonky is one of the informational websites which helps you get the sleep of your dream. Hence, refer to its articles and find your perfect catch. Moreover, one should clean your mattress twice in a year to ensure your mattress is free from dirt, germs, and stains. A fresh smelling and comfy bed is the must in a healthy bedroom.

Along with your mattress, using the right pillows can also spell the difference between excellent sleep and a bad one. For a premium sleeping experience, choosing a pillow that supports your sleeping position may help. 

For instance, side sleepers can rest better with a pillow with a higher loft or thickness to avoid neck and back pain. However, a thicker and firmer pillow may not be the best for back sleepers. The wrong type of pillow is a common cause of neck and back pain to many people yet they’re unaware of this until their condition worsens.

Aside from choosing a pillow based on sleeping position, you can also take a look at pillows with organic filling materials, like a hemp pillow. Hemp hulls offer many advantages for your comfort, convenience, and overall health. They’re also perfect to use during the sticky, humid summer as hemp pillows can help you feel cool and dry during sleep.

Ditch the Blue Lights

Make Your Bedroom HealthierTechnology is very crucial to live a modern life. It has become an extremely important part of human life. It is obvious that you cannot stay away from your phones, emails, calls and other techie gadgets. However, these gadgets have side effects on your health by emitting blue light which disturbs your sleep greatly. If you want to sleep properly in your bedroom, make sure you keep your bedroom is free from blue lights. Your bedroom should be dedicated to use for sleep, rest and sex only. If you want to sleep properly, no technology item should be in there.

Instead of using electronic devices, like your mobile phone, laptop, or TV, that emit blue light, you can opt for reading books instead to help your brain calm down and reduce stress. However, refrain from books on horror, thriller, and suspense genres that’ll keep you wide awake at night.

Bring In the Greenery

There are plenty of indoor plants that can purify the air, environment and add freshness to your bedroom. Plants connect you to nature and also help you stay positive all the time. The oxygen level is also maintained in the room because of plants. Besides, plants are can improve your mood and reduce stress as it has some powerful impact on the overall environment of the room. You can prefer plants like Jasmine, Lavender, Peace Lily, and Gardenia. These are flower plants which can brighten your mood and day.

Block the Noises

 trying to sleep

Noise is not good for anyone at any time. However, when you are trying to sleep, noise can be really problematic. Therefore, make sure your bedroom doors or windows are blocking the outside noise properly. You can use ear-plugs also as there are many great options in the market. Earplugs can minimize distracting noises from your surroundings. Although they may be a bit uncomfortable to wear at first, you can easily get used to them eventually.


Your sleep is very sensitive and, even a slight disturbance can keep you awake or render you poor sleep throughout the night. If you want to stay healthy and positive, sleep is an inevitable source. Therefore, make sure your bedroom is a sleep-friendly zone. Try including here mentioned tips to your bedroom and get better sleep in a healthy bedroom. Enjoy good sleep and stay cheery all your life.

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