8 Things Students Can Do to Save the Environment

Eco cleaning

What does it mean living an “eco life”? What can we do by being a student to save our environment? What does it mean to live a life of a responsible person, of a conscious human? It is not necessarily to go to the end of the earth and to become a total ascetic to help the environment. We all respect remote countries, we stand up for the on-farm tourism, we respect the work of the volunteers, but we should not forget how many ways to protect the environment we have, being at home or at a college. The writers from will help you with an essay on a theme of the environment protection and others.

Water consumption

Water consumption

Do you know that when you are washing your teeth with the water running, you waste 500 liters a month of water? Isn’t it frightening?

Imagine that every person can decrease the water consumption for 100 liters only replacing the habit to laze at a bath for a habit to take a quick shower! If you’ll turn off the water while soaping your body and your hair, you’ll economize 50 liters more.

Try not to buy water in plastic bottles. Instead, you can obtain a glass bottle or a plastic returnable one and re-fill it at the water station. Happily, the colleges are plenty with such “stations”.

Waste paper collection

All the paper used during studying may be collected into a separate container so that everyone can gather it and regularly put it there for recycling. The same thing goes for batteries. It is known that they contain metal elements such as quicksilver, plumb, cadmium, nickel, cuprum, zinc, magnesium, and lithium. If we are throwing them with the all other garbage, all these elements are hit into the Earth.

Eco cleaning

Eco cleaning

For many students who are studying and working long hours, the cleaning may become a serious burden and it is not a pleasure for many people. But if you care about your planet and you decided to live an ecologically conscious life, the cleaning will be just one of the ways to help the environment. With all the eco ideas, the cleaning may become a real fun for you and your mates.

Once again about electricity

Turn off the devices in your apartment. The TV, the DVD player, and a computer spend energy even in a sleep mode.

Pull out all the charges from the electric point. The majority of the chargers for smartphones, tablets, photo cameras, and electronic toys use the energy even if the device is not on – at an average it is 5 Watt per hour and 40 kilowatts per annum.

Use natural illumination. It is the easiest way to economize the electricity. Often we miss out on sunny shining with the black-out curtains. The majority of students are so-called “night persons”. You can economize electricity by waking up early in the morning and going to bed early too. It is worth saying that through this you will also obtain a good well-being.

About good coffee

About-good-coffeeYou may be surprised, but drinking a good sort of coffee can be related to the wondering ways to save the earth.

On the plantations of growing in the shadow of the arabesque coffee tree (the sort of Arabica coffee), according to the researches, there are 150 species of birds. When the coffee trees are growing in the bright sun, the quantity of their inhabitants is decreasing to 20-50 species.

With the growth of demand for a cheap coffee, a lot of producers turn their attention into the cultivation of “sunny” sorts, which demands above all, tons of pesticides and fertilizers. We all can protect birds and lessen the use of the chemicals by choosing a good expensive coffee Arabica.

Over and above, try not to buy cheap coffee “to-go”.

Ecological meetings

Become an organizer of big and small meetings and arrangements on recycling and economic use of water and electricity. The statistics say the market for such actions as eco- meetings will increase by 44% by 2020.

As an organizer, you can look for ecologically clean places and other initiatives to help the environment and to diminish the carbon footprint. All the initiatives you can take will increase the awareness level of your classmates and will inspire for changes in a society.

Supporting local manufacturers

local grower

All the production in the supermarket made a long way to come closer to you. In order to diminish the detachment of a carbon dioxide in all the trucks, ships, and planes that delivered the goods to your shop, try to buy more local products. The farmers will be happy!

Economize the vessels

When you are visiting a picnic, a service ware helps a lot, but you can always prefer paper cups and plates, and not a plastic one.  Try to economize them. Remember how you take a clean cup at a party because you forgot where you placed yours.

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