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Seven criteria to evaluate eco-friendly building materials

Eco friendly products are fast becoming a priority for the world considering the damage our universe is exposed to with chemicals and environmental pollution. While eco friendly buildings are constructed on a large scale, it is also very important to


10 environmentally friendly stadiums designed for greener sports

Alarming rise in global warming has forced engineers to design eco friendly stadiums that offer an opportunity for greener sports. Just take the tour and see the architectural marvels entwined with modern technology. Here we are delighted to give you an i

The World Games Stadium

The good, the bad and the ugly: Prefabricated homes

Over the years, the concept of prefabricated homes (aka prefab homes) has widely caught the attention of the homeowners and architects owing to the ever-mounting space problems. The best thing about the prefab homes is that they are not only portable and

Prefabricated homes
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