Commercial Solar Power Usage is Gaining Momentum in Most States

Commercial Solar Power Usage is Gaining Momentum in Most States

The use of solar power is growing rapidly in the United States, as developers recognize its many benefits for their businesses, as well as for society at large.

The US has abundant sunlight and high levels of solar radiation, making it a country that is also rich in solar resources. Many areas within the US have access to enough sun for effective use as an energy source–and this includes both rural and urban areas alike. As a result, many people (and businesses) are turning to solar power to meet their electricity needs.

Individuals have been interested in solar for awhile now. But until recently, the commercial market was slow to adapt to solar. Fortunately, that’s changing.

Solar power is a great investment for property owners. It can save business owners, investors, and developers money in the long run; it’s also becoming increasingly more attractive to tenants.

Many states are seeing an uptick in commercial solar installations. For example, Colorado saw its largest year ever for commercial installations last year; meanwhile, New Jersey has seen steady growth over the past few years as well.

Even states like Florida are starting to see a shift in commercial solar usage. And states such as California, actually have legislation requiring solar on new properties.

Investing in renewable energy has grown over the past several years, and it is getting more and more popular with commercial real estate developers and property managers.

The most obvious benefit of solar energy is that it reduces the carbon footprint on Earth. By using renewable sources for electricity generation, it lowers carbon emissions and helps slow down global warming.

Solar power can also make a big difference to the bottom line – especially for people who own or lease a commercial building. The bottom line is that solar power can equal real savings on the electric bill each month.

“High energy costs are a key consideration for everyone. People are trying to address inflation-driven high energy costs, and solar offers a solution,” explains James Rector, Director of Solar Lending at Sunwest Bank.

Commercial solar power installations are able to produce large amounts of energy at a low cost compared with other sources of renewable energy like wind or hydroelectricity.

Solar power is a renewable energy source that produces clean and green electricity. It has numerous benefits over other sources of renewable energy such as wind or hydroelectricity, including:

  • Lower cost of production
  • Ability to produce large amounts of energy in one location
  • Little maintenance required

Solar power is a clean energy source that produces no air or water pollution, and it doesn’t produce any greenhouse gasses. Solar panels are also very reliable, with an average lifespan of approximately 25 years–which means they’ll last for decades once they’re installed. These panels will continue producing energy during cloudy weather conditions as well as during daylight hours (when most people need the most energy).

Fortunately, solar power has become much more affordable than it was just 10 years ago thanks to technological advancements in manufacturing processes as well as increased competition among suppliers who want their piece of this lucrative market share.

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