Eco Friendly Guide

5 best green building designs for future offices

The march of development cannot be stopped, but along with development come the dangers of global warming, higher population densities and increased stress on local and natural resources. This dilemma has forced policy makers and builders to look into

London's Hoxton Square

5 of the best eco lodges in Japan

Lodges are fun if they have good internal atmosphere and sound surroundings. Japan is known for its lodges which are one of the most famous in the world. They not only provide you with a comfortable stay but you can also enjoy the city of technology witho


Liquid Wood: 100% Organic replacement for everything plastic

German inventors have developed a new material which holds the promise of replacing everything plastic with something as natural as wood. The material in question is called the Arboform. It is produced after combining lignin, a discarded element of…

Liquid Wood
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