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A bibliophile’s Christmas tree at the Inglewood Public Library

At Inglewood Public Library, there is one of the most innovative and ‘green’ Christmas tree that could ever be erected and then dissembled for reuse, made entirely of books with green or brown covers! This amazing life-sized Christmas tree is the crea

7 Interesting facts about global warming

The problem of global warming has become a topic of debate throughout the world. The globe is gradually turning as hot as a furnace and is adversely affecting the ecology and environment of the earth. The reasons responsible for the warming up of the eart


Seven craziest ideas for a green planet

‘Think beyond recycling’ seems to be the saga of making the environment more green and gay! There are many problems that are targeted right from global warming to giving up plastics with an idea to make the environment devoid of hazards that threaten mode

Seven things you should know about biomass CHP

Biomass is the organic waste generated which includes animal remains, food leftovers, wooden fragments, plant waste, etc. This is used often to generate energy and is a good source of natural fuel. This technology is attracting tremendous attention due

10 things you can do to save coral reefs

Coral reefs bring to mind a beautiful picture of marine habitat. Reef building takes place with the help of zooxanthellae. Sponges, algae and other species also help in the growth of the reefs. Calcium carbonate and silica are precipitated slowly by organ

Five Brands that should not declare themselves green

The days are gone when technologies meant to destroy our mother nature and in ways resulted in the pollution and un-healthy surrounding. This is an era of green technology which has completely changed the meaning of pollution and has ultimately provided

5 Simple ways freight can help reduce carbon emissions

The carbon emissions are increasing day-by-day with the increased level of transportation due to increased needs of people. Greenhouse gases come from different human activities and at present, the freight sector is alarming with the consistence increase

10 Most environmentally conscious rockers

Musicians are known for their singing, their instrument playing and for their high profile life. Most of the people don’t assume musicians to be eco friendly or environment caring. As we all know with the increase of global warming, pollution and carb

Seven wacky solutions to reduce the impact of global warming

Global warming is a global problem and is the subject of every international conference on the environment. There have been many decisions taken, both, at the governmental levels and at the individual levels, to solve this problem. Newer ideas are constan

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