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Five most unexpected effects of global warming

We have been discussing and hearing about global warming and its ill effects on the universe quite often these days. Lifestyle, pollution, industrial emissions have created an environment which is becoming increasingly warm and have lead to drastic cl

Five simple ways you can reduce light pollution

The world is extensively taking up the green strategies to reduce or stabilize the effects on environment. We cannot control the damages which have already done, but at least we can adapt various plans to control the impact on the environment by reducing

Polluted Planet: Plastic Waste

The WasteWhen you are buying a plastic bag or a carry bag next time, remember that you are contributing a lot towards the degradation of this planet. Plastic is a major pollutant that will degrade the planet for thousands of years. Since it contains non b

7 Worst pollution related problems the world is battling with

While we walk through the past to enhance our achievements over the years, we realize that with the evolution of man at every stage of civilization leading to success, growth, and development man has created a niche of self destruction for himself in the

Seven worst oil spills till date

Oil spills are one of biggest man-made disasters which spoil the water bodies and creatures living there. Oil spill is a release of Crude oil into Ocean or any water bodies and causing pollution. Spills will take months or even years to clean up. World ha

5 Things that are benefiting from global warming

Each conceivable activity processing in the universe has two sides, one dark side and one bright side. The intensity of each will determine its innate dominating power. The dark side of global warming is so overwhelming that the good done by it seems micr

10 Simple things that can help reduce global warming

Man has always destroyed and has broken the norms of mother nature to fulfill his selfish motives. Global warming is the rise of the Earth’s temperature due to the increasing level of green house gases viz. carbon dioxide, water-vapor, nitrous oxide and

7 Things kids can do to help the environment

Today, all parents are worried about their kids’ health. Polluted environment, traffic, hustle bustle all around are the major reasons for their worry. But what are we doing to save these kids. We cannot change the environment nor can we stop the traffi

7 Most unusual effects of global warming and climate change

Global warming is affecting climatic conditions the world over, and some bizarre effects have also emerged in the last few years. Known effects of this global phenomenon are increasing desert area, rising sea level, more storms swirling across etc. But no

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