Furniture Options for Displaying Your Personal Treasures


The purpose of interior design is to create a home you’ll enjoy. If you have visually attractive objects, collectibles, or items with sentimental value, you’ll want to display them proudly. With the right display furniture, you can make them fit wonderfully into your overall home décor.

1.  Think Quality First


Before you delve into the many options you have for showing off your precious items, consider how quality affects your interior design. High-quality pieces of furniture look better initially and retain their beauty over time. They’re well-made with more attention to detail and finish.

The best way to find out if a display piece is made well is to find out what people who have it are saying. Read 1StopBedrooms reviews to learn about the first-hand experiences that others have had with that item. It’s also important to note the materials and construction of the items you’re considering.

2.  Curios and Displays

Display cabinets offer simple storage that provides open view of the items you want to feature. High-quality cabinets are usually made of wood or metal. In addition to the open areas, they may also have shelves and/or drawers for extra storage of special objects.

Curios are typically more stunning than display cabinets. They tend to have a solid wood frame with glass panels and sliding doors. Usually, the shelves are also made of glass. Some curios are made to sit in a corner, while others sit flat against a wall.

One thing you don’t want is for your curio to look too crowded. If you have many items you want to display, it might be best to choose more than one curio and/or display cabinet. Or, you can have just one where you put out some items at one time and swap them out for other items at another time.

3.  China Cabinets


China cabinets are the perfect choice for displaying dishes and glassware. Many china cabinets are highly polished and very ornate. Others are simpler, and some are even made of distressed wood, just perfect for a rustic theme.

A china cabinet usually has a lower closed-in area with doors that’s a good place to store a large set of dishes and/or glasses. They may also have drawers for storing silverware and table linens. The true display element, though, is the upper part that is surrounded by glass and open for view. Often, this part of the cabinet has its own lighting. In this upper part, you can place your most beautiful stemware, tea sets, and/or antique dishes.

4.  Baker’s Racks and Pot Racks

Racks can provide open storage for everything from fancy liquor bottles to shining metal pots to fresh-baked pies. Baker’s racks sit on the floor, while pot racks hang overhead. The frames may be made of wood or metal. Consider what finish you like best and what works with the style of your room.

No matter what type of display furniture you choose, it’s a great idea to get it from a furniture company that delivers your furniture and sets it up for you. With all the glass involved, it’s not only safer for you, it’s also the best way to get it into your home undamaged. With your new display pieces in place, your home will be more beautiful. Even better, it will be more uniquely yours.

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