12 – Latest inventions for environmental problems


We have become aware of the fact that our environment is deteriorating day by day. If we do not take actions now, in our near future, we might have to face dire consequences. We are sitting on hundreds of environment-related problems that might escalate any time. Therefore, to tackle all these, we need to have our preparation. We need to be ready with measures which we could employ as soon as the disasters strike.

12 – Latest inventions for environmental problems

Keeping everything in mind, the inventors are looking up the ways of resolving pollution and resuming green cover on Earth. The eco-friendly innovations are aimed to cope up with increasing pollution. Changes have to be done in the ecosystem to improve the air and water quality. Many of the latest inventions for environmental problems have shown great and promising eliminations of pollutants that are being constantly released in the atmosphere.

Popular inventions for environmental problems

1. Xeros Machine for washing

Xeros Machine for washingResearchers from the University of Leads are dealing with creative eco- friendly innovations products such Xeros washing machine that requires negligible amount of water to operate. The clothes when come out are absolutely clean and dry, thus reducing the requirement of drier as well. Xeros machine requires a single water cup in each wash and there are tiny beads used during the wash process.

Xeros Ltd. has introduced this machine with a motive to save nearly 90% of fresh water currently lost by the use of conventional machines. These machines reduce carbon footprint up to 40% as it consumes less amount energy and detergent than what other conventional washing machines are using.

2. Cleanair system

device can also neutralize smoke of cigarettes

Regulating the temperature of air through dehumidifying, cooling and heating consumes 1/6th of the world’s energy today. Mathew Johnson from Copenhagen University has introduced creative eco friendly innovative products that could down the use of energy by 25%. The cleanair device can remove particulate matter, hydrocarbons, organic solvents, bacteria and viruses from air. This device can also neutralize smoke of cigarettes.

According to recent tests this device has the capability to reduce nearly 40 compounds from a new building. It is now undergoing test to see if it could remove volatile organic compounds arising out of industrial smokestacks. If successful, it could help to reduce pollution arising out of industries to a large extent.

3. Consumable cutlery

Consumable cutleryIt is nice to see plastic cutlery while you are having your meal. But the most shocking fact that comes out of this habit is that Americans dispose off cutlery for about 300 times than what the entire world does. To resolve this problem, edible cutlery came into being so that one could eat it along with the meal. The spoons are available in flavourless, savory and sweet varieties. These spoons are consist of water, wheat and rice. Therefore, you can finish it off along with your food. Their shelf life is 3 years. They can decompose within 4 days if you do not use them. It will save you from doing dishes again and again. These inventions for environmental problems are mind-blowing.

4. Zero polluting motor

ambient air that could be compressed in tanks of vehicles

Motor Development International organization has come up with eco- friendly innovations of a zero- polluting engine which could run on air. Engines with mono energy make use of ambient air that could be compressed in tanks of vehicles making it ecofriendly; causing no pollution. Zero polluting motors can produce 3X less CO2 than what similar thermal power engines produce.

5. Plastic recycler


Many automated machines are invented that could turn plastic into useful and reusable products. In order to make plastic reusable, the machine melts up the plastic and gives them a new shape, , for example a tumbler or a serving bowl. This is among the simple inventions that help the environment 2018.

6. Hydrogasifier

Hydrogasifier by Roberto V. Celis

Image Source :

Roberto V. Celis has invented the Hydrogasifier which uses water as a supplement over fuels like hybrids, bio fuels, diesel, natural gas and gasoline to run almost every type of engine. This lowers the amount of pollutants in the air. There are exhaust gases in the engine of hydrogasifier that could separate hydrogen and oxygen gas from water and further they are combusted to burn fuels in the tank. Celis is of the view that hydrogasifier is just like trees that could lower down the carbon content from the atmosphere. It is among the outstanding simple inventions that help the environment 2018.

7. Edible bottles of water


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These inventions to environment pollution are quite wacky but are absolutely wonderful. Inventers at skipping rocks laboratory have invented a genius alternate to the crisis of plastic bottles in the world. Ooho is a translucent, thin seaweed sleeve which is capable of holding liquid. It is absolutely biodegradable and is consumable too. The ball is durable and can’t be torn out easily. This has eliminated the use of plastic bottles worldwide.

8. Floss with eco friendly properties


Have you ever wondered that your toothbrush and dental floss are also responsible for land pollution? Yes of course, after all they are also made out of non- biodegradable plastics. Goodwell rose up a serious concern over this issue and soon came out with an alternate called GoodFloss. This dental floss is made out of biodegradable ingredients which fits well in your wallet and prevents further plastic pollution. The eco-friendly floss is one of the simple inventions that help the environment 2018.

9. Tweet- a- watt

Tweet- a- watt

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Tweet- a- watt is an electronic gadget for those who are sharing every wacky instance of their life on twitter. This product will check out the energy consumption at your place and tweet it over your twitter account. This will let you get twitter followers to share how much little their energy consumptions are.

10. Wall as an air purifier

Wall as an air purifier

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Researchers have concluded that air pollution is not an outdoor issue. It even originates in your home as the CO2 levels inside your building is also threatening. Thus it is our responsibility to start work from home. AgroSci Company has proposed a model of ecofriendly wall structure that has green living plants over it. This could clean the air and could naturally reduce heat and noise.

11. Toothbrush with a solar power

Toothbrush with a solar power

This toothbrush doesn’t need toothpaste to work. It is among the greatest inventions for environmental problems. It uses light energy and transforms it to negative ions so that it gets mixed with saliva. This mixture will break down the molecular bond of plaque attached with teeth.

12. Portable charger with dance power

Portable charger with dance power

Orange, a UK based internet and mobile service provider; released an armband charger that could grab the kinetic energy while you are dancing. Must say, the portable charger with dance power is indeed a very interesting concept.

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