How to make rubber mats from recycled tires

recycle tires

Everyday, thousands of automobiles add up on the roads, which makes the demand for raw materials exorbitant. Tires are one of the most important parts of the automobile, but people often ignore their importance. They are manufactured from a chemically enhanced rubber material, which is tough as w ell as toxic in nature. A number of used tires are thrown into the garbage, which create a hazardous situation for the environment.

The rubber tire is surely a genius invention. These tires are extremely hardy. If you maintain them properly, they might last for decades without any trouble. They are unmatched in their durability. However, in spite of their durability and strength, they come with a problem. Once you are done with these tires, you cannot dispose of them. Although every day new methods are coming up to tackle this problem, but it is still a bulging problem. The world is coming up with new solutions every day to tackle it. Therefore, if you tackle the problem on your part, it would surely be a very meaningful contribution. If you make rubber mats from recycled tyres, then that’s one way of handling problem on your end.

How to make rubber mats from recycled tires

tires Recycling

Recycling is the best option to make them usable and adding more substance to your decor. The recycled tires can be made into floor mats and playground mulches. The step-by-step procedure for making rubber mats from recycled tires is described below:

Difficulty level and time required

  • Moderately challenging
  • Depends on the speed and efficiency of the user.

Resources required for making rubber mats from recycled tires

  • Pocketknife
  • Polyurethane
  • Spatula
  • Rubber tires
  • Cloth

Estimate cost

Depends on the availability of raw materials and their qualities.

Instructions  to make rubber mats from recycled tires

make rubber mats from recycled tires

1. Cutting

Cut the fabric into the intended mat size or larger than the actual size. Use a tough material for the fabric. Nylon will be a good choice, as it has high strength and appreciable characteristics.

2. Proper sizing

Position the fabric rightly, and cut it at the size of the mat you wish to make from the recycled tires. This is a crucial process while making  rubber mats from recycled tires

3. Cutting the tires into small sizes

The next step is to cut the tires into small pieces, so as to make them compatible on the floor. However, cutting the tires might become a very difficult job, if you don’t have right tool. A pocketknife will suit the job perfectly. As the tire had been into a curved shape for a long time, it has a natural tendency to bend unless you break them into minor pieces. Gently, start from the thin section, which is sandwiched between the treads to make the cutting process easy.

4. Covering the sides and gaps

The material on the sides of the tires are still left out. As they don’t have any direct contact with the ground, the rubber material from this area is less worn out. Use the pocketknife to remove these pieces also.

5. Use a spatula to spread the polyurethane

recycled tires rubber mat

The actual phase of making mats starts here. Spread a thin layer of polyurethane on a square area of the fabric with the help of spatula.

6. Placing the tire pieces

Take the individual cut pieces of the tires, and place them over the polyurethane covered areas. Gently press them to create a strong bond between the two surfaces. It is not necessary to arrange these tire pieces accurately. However, avoid large gaps between the pieces. In fact, you can cut those pieces again to fill the voids.

7. Assembling the floor mat

Make sure that the final assembly of pieces on the fabric resembles a mosaic pattern. Repeat the process until the entire area on the floor mat is filled with tire pieces. Allow the elements to dry. Your new product should be ready by now.

Frequently asked questions

1. Where can I find used tires to make these floor mats?

You can find them on your local dump yards sometimes, you may get used-tires for free.

2. Can I use an electric saw to cut the tires?

No, it is not advisable to use the electric saw while cutting the tires.

Quick tips  while making rubber mats from recycled tires

1. Recycled tires used to create floor mats are eco-friendly products and supports green environment.

2. Cleaning these floor mats are very easy than the conventional products.

3. You can use these mats in industries, workshops and similar places, where dust and dirt are very intense. They can be used for ‘no slip’ safety runners as well.

4. If you are planning to go green in your house, then these is one of the many ways you can do so.

Things to watch out for

1.Although it is not advisable to use an electric say for cutting tires, however if you do plan to use it then make sure to take all the precautionary measures. this will help to prevent any injuries while working with the saw.

2. Assembling tire pieces over the fabric may not fit perfectly; however, pay attention to the large gaps.

10 More ways to recycle discarded tires

1. Sneakers 101

Sneakers 101

“Sneakers 101”, a brand new product from the Japanese company SEAL, is a line of sneakers that provide the comfortable fit and elasticity that is characteristic of the material used in the tire tube. It’s high durability and resistance to water makes it a good weather-resistant wear during the monsoons. The shoes are manufactured employing an old Japanese technology using vulcanization of rubber to make it more elastic. They are carefully hand-build and produced by local artisans

2. Casual Seating

Verna Ventham’s creative recycling of car tyres into stunning leather covered car seatings and lounge furniture for other domestic spaces provide a stylish way of disposing discarded car tires. The need for the effective disposal of car tires is extremely pertinent today with our excessive dependency on cars. What better way than to re-use them as car seatings!

3. Handbags

English Retreads

“English Retreads” uses reclaimed rubber tubes to make travel-efficient sleek and fashionable bags which provides ample space for anything from your laptop to gym clothes or anything else you may need for your travels. It works as a messenger bag, a laptop bag, a gym bag or even a briefcase.

4. Livestock Watering Trough

Old tractor or truck tires can be cut, opened up and sealed at either end to make a watering trough for the animals to drink from. This is used in Kenya by the Masai.

5. Tirex Carpet Tiles

Tirex Carpet Tiles

Made from recycled tires, Tirex carpet tiles make excellent flooring for office spaces. It would be a nice idea giving an eco-friendly twist to your floors with these highly durable underfoot tiles.

6. Maison Gomme

The above project completed in 2005, by Denis Oudendijk and Jan Körbes of Millegomme, to convert an existing garden house into a fully functional office space with storage function makes use of tire coatings, all sourced from local garages. It was used with other waste materials like insulation glass and wood plates from old wooden furnitures.

7. Clothing Range

Michelin recycled tires clothing

Image Source :

Michelin have launched a line of women’s clothing made from recycled tires. Initially designed by the Michelin team as a part of a fun project, the shorts, dresses and knee-high boots are making their way fast into the fashion domain.

8. Tire Belt

These handcrafted tire belts stand out with a variety of options to choose, from different tire materials to the tread patterns. Definitely something worth investing in for those bold fashion renegades who like to experiment.

9. Bicicleta Rug

Bicicleta Rug

The inspiration for this supposedly came from India, where the primary mode of transport is bicycles. These rugs are made using around 140 bicycle tubes all processed and supplied from India. They are produced by renowned manufacturers based in Spain called Nani Marquina.

10. Bucket

Tires can also be used to make durable buckets by using an old water container and a piece of metal.

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