Getting the optimal energy performance from your washer and dryer

Be it you washing clothes once a week or every day the appliance that you use must be energy efficient so that it has least impact on the environment and goes easy on your pocket. The washer and dryer have to have such powerful technology and design that works gives more output at the cost of lesser energy. Here is your guide to an efficient wash that saves money, water, and energy altogether.

Tips to make your washer energy efficient

Wash full loads

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Some people prefer washing few clothes every day or every alternate day, while some other choose to wash a good quantity that is like a full load once a week. Who do you think is wiser, the first set of people or the second? Well, the second set of people is wiser any day. A washing machine consumes equal amount of energy whether you choose a full load or a partial load, which means when you choose a partial load the energy goes waste and when you do it every other day, you tend to consume a lot more energy you would use in a full load. So, ensure that your washing is a full load every time.

Cold water does it all

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Gone are the days when washing detergents could work well with hot water only, as today majority of detergents work well with cold water as well, so there is no need to wash clothes in washing machine using warm water and contributing to energy costs. Not only you will save energy costs using cold water for washing but doing this also would increase the lifespan of your clothes.

Select proper temperature

Woman Selecting Cooler Temperature On Washing Machine To Save En

Traditional washing guide said – wash your whites in hot water and the colored clothes in cold water. This traditional belief holds no true in today’s time, as cold water washes well both the colored and the whites. Cold water cleans clothes equally well as the warm water does and prevents clothes from fading.

Soak before to escape a second wash

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Clothes that are too dirty sometimes come out unclean after one round of wash and they have to be put back again for a second round of wash, which means double usage of energy. Soaking dirty clothes before putting them in washing machine saves on energy costs, as it eliminates the chance of second time wash.

Tips to make your dryer energy efficient

A lower heat setting is sufficient

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Switch to a lower heat setting in your dryer, especially when it a partial load. When it is a partial load, the heat goes waste in the chamber increasing your energy cost, and if it is a lower heat setting, you will save a lot on energy usage.

Clear the lint screen

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You must clean the lint screen in your dryer after every wash. If you let the lint screen collect more and more lint, it will badly affect the dryer’s efficiency, as in it will take more time and will use more energy to dry clothes.

The moisture sensor


Washing machines powered by latest technology come with smart moisture sensors that use just the right amount of energy to dry up clothes. If you own a washing machine that has no such sensor then make sure, you carefully select the timer and do not dry clothes for too long, as it consumes a lot of energy unnecessarily.

The latest technology and human efforts make energy conservation possible. You can reduces the environmental impact your washing appliance exerts on the environment, and you can save a lot of money by showing some intelligence.

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