Green transportation to prevent drastic climatic changes

The concept of green transportation is not new but recently it has become more popular. People have come to understand the benefits of green transportation and realized its importance. Green transportation is necessary because it can reduce the amount of global carbon emissions. Carbon dioxide is one of the main pollutants that are responsible for climatic changes. Cars, buses and airplanes use fossil fuels.


Whenever fossil fuels are burnt, they create a lot of carbon dioxide. This gas gets mixed with the environment. The high amount of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere absorbs huge amount of heat energy from the sun.

The heat energy stored in the carbon dioxide molecules increase the average temperature of the earth. The change in average temperature causes climatic changes.


If we turn to green transportation then this scenario will definitely change. One way to do this is to use public transportation more. Travel in buses, trains and metros instead of private cars.

Even if there is only one person in the car, it will emit high amounts of carbon dioxide. If you ride the bus to your workplace or arrange a car pool, naturally less carbon will be emitted.


Technological advancement has given us electric scooters, bicycles and hybrid cars. These vehicles are superior to traditional vehicles run on fossil fuels.

They are energy efficient and offer good mileage. But you should not rely completely on the hybrid cars and electric scooters for going green. There are other inexpensive ways of making green transportation a part of your life.


Some easy ways of supporting the green transportation movement are cycling, walking and using human powered modes of transportation. The use of renewable energy in transportation is becoming more popular.

New vehicles powered by different forms of renewable energy such as wind power, waterpower and solar power are being designed all around the world.

Scientists are trying hard to harness the abundant power sources of nature offered to us. Every time you look for your car keys before going out think hard if you can travel on foot, bus or some other less harmful mode of transportation. By driving slowly you can save some fuel and emit less amount of carbon dioxide.

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