How Nature Can Make You Children, Happier, and More Creative

Spending Time in Nature Make Children Happier

Nothing is more beautiful than the laughter of a child. A happy child is a healthy child. Every parent works so hard to make their children happy. This can be through buying their favorite toys for them or buying their favorite ice cream flavor.

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Nevertheless, buying toys is not enough to make your child happier and more creative. In fact, it has been said that children nowadays have so many toys and gadgets that they are losing interest in playing with other kids. Moreover, a lot of kids nowadays have lost interest in experiencing their natural environment like their parents did.

Notwithstanding, scientists have discovered that spending time outdoors helps children and even adults to become happier and more creative. In fact, spending just 1-3 hours in the park or in the woods is enough to give your child a feeling of wellness and happiness. Unfortunately, most parents are too busy chasing money that they forget to make time for their children. In fact, most parents try to make up for lack of time by buying more toys and gadgets for their kids.

Recent research by multiple studies has shown that spending time with children out in nature is more beneficial than any toy or gadget you can buy them. Besides, spending time in nature is usually free. It is a great way to save money while helping your child become happier and more creative.

How Does Spending Time in Nature Make Children Happier?

Spending Time in NatureIn a new paper published by Gregory Bratman of Stanford’s National Academy of Science, it is shown that when you spend time in nature, it leads to some unique changes in the brain.

The study involved 38 participants who were asked to walk in a natural setting in California for 90 minutes. After the walk, a test showed that these participants experienced decreased activity in the subgenual prefrontal cortex. This is the part of the brain that deals with the risk of mental illness. The study concluded that “spending time in the wild improves our mood”. 

Another study in Finland also showed similar results. Urban dwellers were asked to stroll for as little as 20 minutes through an urban park or woodland. After the exercise, most of the participants reported a significant change in their mood.

Apart from boosting mood and making us happier, nature has other beneficial effects on us. We will take a look at these effects below.

Other Beneficial Effects of Spending Time in Nature

1. Nature Boosts Creativity in Children

Nature Boosts Creativity in ChildrenWho doesn’t want a creative child? It is the dream of every parent to see their child show glimpses of creativity from an early age. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to increase your child’s chances of being creative. A new study has shown that taking your child out in nature once-in-a-while is enough to get the job done.

In a study at the University of Utah and the University of Kansas showed that spending some time in nature has the potential to boost children’s performance in a test. Children who participated in the research were able to boost their test performance by as high as 50% after spending some days out in nature.

2. Nature Improves Brain Function in Children

Perhaps, this explains why children who spend more time in nature perform better than their colleagues in tests. In a study, participants were given an intensive computer task to perform. However, the researchers interrupted the task by showing them images of grass and flowers for about 40 seconds. This act led to an improvement in their overall performance. The participants made fewer errors in the task and were more attentive.

Next time you are searching for a way to help your child improve his performance in a test, take him for a walk in a park or in the woods. Being in nature restores depleted attention circuits. When this happens, your child will be more open to creativity and problem-solving.

3. Nature Helps Children to Relieve Stress

sad childMost parents already know that children love going to the park. However, a new study has found that there is a scientific reason behind this. According to a new study conducted in the Netherlands, spending time in nature seems to reduce cortisol.

Another research also showed that being out in nature not only helps to relieve stress but also helps to make us feel more alive and vital. Perhaps, this explains while almost every child you see in the park is usually very happy and excited.

Overall, being outdoors gives children more energy, makes them happier, and help them to relieve the everyday stresses of going to school and other activities. It also opens the door to creativity and helps children to be kind to their parents and others.

How to Help Your Child Experience More Nature?

Most parents have a busy schedule. The fact is, most parents would love to spend more time in nature with their children. Unfortunately, this is not possible due to other engagements.

Fortunately, you don’t have to give up entirely on spending time in nature. There is an easy solution and it is known as Greenhouses”. A greenhouse has all the features you will see in nature. Spending time in your greenhouse will give you the same benefits of spending time in nature. You can easily build a greenhouse in your backyard. If you miss spending your free time in nature, consider getting a greenhouse.

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