How to Write an Essay About Deforestation: 5 Points to Include

How to Write an Essay About Deforestation

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If you want to write an essay about deforestation and look for ideas to make it stand out, read the article below. We collected the most critical points about deforestation to consider in your essay. We will also provide the five main points to include when writing an essay about deforestation.

5 points to include

  1. Start with defining the topic. The narrower the subject is, the most exciting material you will get. Below you will find some information about deforestation when choosing a subject.
  2. Generate the main thesis concentrating on the most significant problem related to deforestation. For example, if you are writing about industrialization factors, generate the proper main thesis considering the main factors that cause the disaster.
  3. Obligatory talk about problems from the scope of different angles. Find the main reasons that lead to deforestation and try to find out their genesis.
  4. Provide information about possible solutions to the deforestation problem.
  5. Add your essay with some interesting facts.

Why are forests essential for ecosystems?

The areas covered by forests take more than 32% of the whole earth’s surface. The necessity of trees for humans is undeniable as forests provide people with wood used for various purposes, including food, medicines, etc. Populations of animals also need forests as wildlife depends on the number of land areas covered by trees and quality ecosystems. Forests are significant for the soils as they help keep the natural balance in the grounds and prevent erosion.

What is deforestation?


The shortest answer to the question ‘what is deforestation?’ is that it refers to the reduction of forest areas across the Globe. The process of deforestation assumes that the removal of trees is permanent and continuous. In other words, this process does not stop. The loss of forests is provoked by various factors and leads to multiple problems becoming a global disaster.

Among the reasons why forest areas are decreasing are industrialization, mining activities, agricultural croplands, global urbanization, growth of the human population, and other factors. Irresponsible use of trees and other natural resources sufficiently cut down the percentage of the area covered by forests.

Scientists predict that in the nearest future, deforestation could affect main ecosystems and become one of the factors that cause climate change.

Agriculture and deforestation

Since the population of people growth, we require more resources to stay alive. Food is among the basic needs of any human being. The problem of hunger does not go anywhere as well. Governments of the world’s leading countries do their best to improve the situation with grain stocks by trying to collect more resources and prolong the time consuming the grain in stocks. The only way to cover the world’s needs is to grow more grain in the fields. Farmers’ work is getting increasingly important, and there is a need for skilled specialists in this area. In addition, there is a lack of fertile lands that allow growing grains in needed conditions. The existing grounds are losing their fertility with time. So framers require new lands. Unfortunately, the only way to widen the lands suitable to grow the needed plants is by clearing the areas covered by forests.

Dairy industries and deforestation

There are countless dairy plants around the world. Each one of them: from the small farm to a multi-corporation, invests billions of dollars into manufacturing. One of the core needs of the dairy industry is land for livestock. There is a high demand for fresh products, so the supply cycle in this business is concise. Bulls, cows, and goats continuously graze grasslands. The process of devastating the lands does not stop; these lands become useless as they lose fertility. This situation causes deforestation and influences the Global ecosystem.

More facts about deforestation to consider in your essay

  • However, deforestation is a disaster caused by the influence of people, and it can become a factor in other global humanitarian issues. Being a widespread fact, deforestation provokes other problems like hunger and floods.
  • Nigeria is the country with the highest deforestation rate.
  • One of the ways to fight deforestation is by combining the efforts of the world countries. Fighting together to stop the disaster will be much more effective if there is a clear roadmap. Hence, the legislation on deforestation problems must be up to date and help to build the international system.

Hopefully, after reading our article about how to write an essay about deforestation, you know exactly what to do. We wish you good luck with your written assignments. Do not forget that you can always request the help of a writing service if you face issues with the topic, structure, formatting, or writing.

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