Keeping Pests Away From Your Yard Organically


Pests, whether it be rodents, bugs, or anything else that is troublesome in your yard, trying to keep them away is essential but challenging. Especially if you are growing an organic garden or keeping your yard free from pesticides and chemicals, keeping pests at bay isn’t an easy chore.

If you don’t keep bugs and rodents under control, they will quickly damage plants, grass, herbs, vegetables, trees, and anything else you want growing in your yard. They will feed off of your yard, ultimately damaging and killing whatever they want.

Don’t let pests take control of your yard. Here are ways that you can organically keep pests out of your garden and yard.

Keep Things Healthy

Keeping-Pests-Away-From-Your-Yard-Organically-First off, one of the best ways to prevent pests from lurking around in the first place is to keep your yard as healthy as you can. Strong, healthy plants, grass, trees, and everything else growing in your yard make for a difficult target for bugs. So, by maintaining a healthy yard, you’re less likely to deal with pests.

Have a regular maintenance schedule in which you inspect everything growing in your yard. Pull or snip off any dead or diseased parts of your plants. Keep up with regularly mowing the lawn. Appropriately water your yard and garden to keep everything healthy.

Draw In Their Natural Predators

Who says you have to do all the work? There is a natural predator for almost every living species in the world. Why not draw them in to take care of any bugs or rodents in your yard?

For example, mosquitoes are quite common in yards. Not only do they annoy your plants, but they also annoy you and can carry diseases. The Purple Martin and Dragonflies will prey on mosquitoes. You can also plant pest-repelling plants, including marigolds and lemongrass to repel mosquitoes.


There are plants that have a natural ability to repel insects. Integrating insect repelling plants into a garden will keep pests at bay for the long run, and ensures less work on your part.

Use an Organic Poison

Keeping-Pests-Away-From-Your-Yard-Organically-There are substances you can use that are organic and good for us, but will seriously harm or kill pests and rodents. Things like flour, salt, and beer, all who are okay for humans to ingest in reasonable amounts. However, they are quite toxic to pests like slugs and snails.

Manually Remove Pests

Larger pests that are more visible to our eyes can easily be removed. Things like caterpillars, slugs, and beetles are large enough that you can physically pick them up and remove them out of your yard.

If you go this route, protect yourself first. Wear gloves before touching any bugs or rodents, especially if there is something dead in your yard. Many pests carry illness and disease that can be harmful to humans.

Spray an All-Natural Insecticide Soap and Sprays

Keeping-Pests-Away-From-Your-Yard-Organically-You can make your own insecticide soap or spray without the use of harsh chemicals. So, not only will you help deter pests, but you won’t kill your yard in the process.

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