How to make your business start up eco-friendly

A lot small businesses are flourishing these days. Many of them are trying to go green with their set up and implementations. The number of go-green new set ups have almost doubled in recent times. Taking steps to lower the emissions of carbon footprint is expensive in terms of both funds and technology. Hence, it might be a resistance for many, yet small time entrepreneurs are surely taking efforts to go-green. Following are the ways in which small start ups can be environment friendly and in moderately cheap costs.



Using papers to send formal messages or invites can be avoided, simply because it is a waste of natural resources. Moreover, many emails mention the content to be printed. Understanding the importance of these contents to be printed is important. Emails are documented and hence need not be filed in paper.

Fax to email method

Fax machines and their maintenance are expensive. Moreover, the resources these machines use, namely papers, electricity also cost high. These can be replaced by sending fax messages through email. This not only is economical but also a permanent documentation of your messages.

non-geographic phone number

Installing a non-geographic phone number

Get connected through your mobile by using a non-geographic phone number. You need not rush to your office every time you need to receive calls or make calls using your official office phone number. These can be directed to your personal cell phones thus allowing you the privilege to pick or make calls from anywhere.

Work from home option

This is an economical, time saving option that can be employee friendly, thus giving more productivity and output from them. The travel costs and fuel is saved as well as the electricity wasted in offices is also decreased.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage

You can almost halve the carbon emissions caused by data sharing on computers if cloud storage is used. Cloud storage is basically a single platform for office data storage which can be accessed by any employee from anywhere. This not only makes it more convenient but also leads to less usage of paper and fuel.


Going green might be an attracting factor for potential and existing customers. Many clients will surely get attracted to initiatives taken for an eco-friendly business set up. Hence, promoting these eco-friendly initiatives not only help increase your business but also create a good environment to work in.

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