Tips for businesses to go-green

Eco-friendly business strategies are slowly gaining popularity. Renovating office interiors as per eco-friendly alternatives as well as changing the business modules and conduct has been increasingly being adopted by many entrepreneurs. The corporate world is slowly and increasingly going Green these days.


Environmentally friendly strategies, interiors and business models not only increase the productivity and output of the business but also decrease the gross investment of the company. This not only includes a steep cut in the fuel and electricity bills but also converts into huge profits.

Some tips for entrepreneurs to implement are given below:


Right use of electricity

Many offices keep their ACs and lights on in spaces and rooms which are not in use. This practice not only generates huge electricity bills, but also has a major impact on the environment. Using motion sensor lights in passages or corridors can help solve this problem. Moreover, creating awareness amongst employees to switch off the lights and ACs in rooms that are not in use is also essential.


Reduce the thermostat

A single degree reduction in the office Air conditioning temperature markeably reduces the electricity bill. Moreover, stabilizing the air condition to power saver mode in which the ACs turn off temporarily when the room gets cold can also be an alternative. Another alternative is to turn the AC’s in sleep mode after certain hours of usage. This might increase your physical activity to switch it off, but isn’t that a small effort in front of the huge electricity bill you incur?


Car sharing module

Many employees travel to office and back using their personal bikes or cars. Instead employees staying in a similar locality or localities coming on their way to office can share their vehicles. This not only decreases the fuel cost but also lowers the carbon emission. Moreover, it also helps in reducing the traffic jams in many metropolitan cities.


Switch off office machinery

Many employees have a habit to leave their office gadgets in standby mode. It is necessary to switch off your computer or printer completely before leaving office. Moreover, these gadgets should be unplugged every day.


Reduce use of paper

It is necessary to avoid printing emails or documents if you have an option to save them on your desktop. Moreover, sending invites or documents via or couriers should also be avoided. Email invites or email conversations are easier, faster and can be saved as formal documents.


These small initiatives can help your office go-green, thus not only saving fuel and electricity but also your expenses.

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