Is there any nation that provides free solar power?

Nowadays, I am in search of free solar power and I have a few questions to ask. Is there any nation which provides free solar power? If yes then please send the information regarding that nation. I am researching on this and need your reviews regarding free solar power. I would also like to know which is the best free power source Biofuel or Solar energy? Please help any suggestion and advice will be dearly appreciated.

There are various government schemes in Australia which facilitate a large discount of 35% off the price of solar panels, as well as interest free loans to help anyone get started.  These schemes also include a mandated net metering by energy providers which meands they must buy your excess energy off you. Australia is one of the countries leading the way with of 30% of all households having solar installed as of January 2022. Ben from says you can essentially get free solar panels up front, and your savings on your power bill will easily cover the repayments on your loan and will pay for itself in 3 – 4 years.

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