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15 Creative ways to recycle old books

The growing demand to protect environment from degradation has prompted many people to look for ways to recycle and reuse materials that are unwanted or considered nothing more than garbage. One such material which is normally considered useless or tr

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5 Most interesting recycled building materials and houses

Bottles, cans, sheet rocks, tires when left to lie on the open ground give the place a messy look. One cannot imagine how beautifully these waste material can be recycled and turned into magnificent structures like temples and homes. An entire Buddhist te

recycled building materials and houses

How to make eco-friendly sandals from recycled materials

Making sandal involves various designs and techniques and women love to explore different styles of sandals. How about making sandals from recycled materials as your next DIY project? Do not get surprised it is easier than it sounds to be. You can get all

make eco-friendly sandals from recycled materials

11 Products made using recycled bike chains

Reusing the waste products after recycling is a good practice, if there is a possibility for that. You can make use of them for a lot of helpful purposes in a brilliant way. If you have enough creativity and interest, you can make many things with waste p

14 – Innovative ways to recycle old plastic bags

The world of recycling is transforming everything into a useful and efficient product and there is no stopping to this green change. This process of recycling the old and non-useful commodities into something that is worth of keeping is highly appreciated

Cool chair

17 smart ways to recycle food waste

Food waste is recyclable and hence instead of throwing away the leftover coffee grounds, green leafy vegetable wastes, leftover food waste, you can use it in many ways. What happens when you throw it away? It goes to dump yards and they put it in a alread

Wasting food

How to make rubber mats from recycled tires

Everyday, thousands of automobiles add up on the roads, which makes the demand for raw materials exorbitant. Tires are one of the most important parts of the automobile, but people often ignore their importance. They are manufactured from a chemically enh

recycle tires

Eco Fashion: Incredible recycled dresses by Gary Harvey

With the fashion industry heading toward elegant, contemporary and stylish fashion, one word that sounds synonymous with clothing is “green.” We can see many designers coming up with sustainable, recycled and reused clothing lines. Today I will…

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