Tips to maintain a beautiful green grass lawn

Taking care of your lawn is important. A beautiful green lawn adds great aesthetic value to your home, and is pleasing to the eyes. There are some simple ways to go about when catering to a green lawn. Following are some steps you can engage into:

healthy soil

Take steps for healthy soil

For a greener lawn, a healthy soil is a must. For the grass to absorb nutrients and water it is a must to have flexible soil. Hard soil does not let elements pass through easily, making the nutrients accumulate on the surface. This leads in the growth of weeds. In order to prevent this, using compost twice a year is essential. Just half inch of the compost used in spring and fall season can keep the grass greener throughout the year. This maintains the quality of the soil and helps the growth of the grass healthier.

good quality grass

Selecting good quality grass

There are different types and textures of grasses that grow in varied climatic conditions. You should buy and cultivate grass that best suits and grows in the climatic condition where you stay. The soil should match the grass in order for it to grow healthy. As an example, tall fescue does not grow well in low lying areas. Hence, doing good research is a must.

Mow at heights

Mow at heights

This is essential to keep the weeds away. Mowing at a desirable height will not allow the sunlight to pass on to the weeds thus triggering their growth. It also helps the roots of grass to grow deeper. Care should be taken that the blades are sharp. If not, it creates space for the weeds to grow.


Sufficient amount of nutrients

Providing fertilizers at regular intervals is necessary for a good lawn. The lawn is maintained dense and external problems such as weeds, pests, and plant diseases stay away. Hence, the lawns should be fertilized organically at least twice annually.

lawn weeds

Prevent the growth of weeds

Weeds are the most difficult and important external abuse to the healthy lawn. It is suggested to rip them off if you have a small sized lawn. However, this might not be the right solution for a bigger area. You can use chelated iron, plant oil or acetic acid to get rid of them.


Many people use artificial fertilizers with high proportions of chemicals or pesticides in order to keep the grass free from any weed attack. However, this can be harmful. One can engage into eco-friendly methods to maintain the quality and health of the lawn

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