Understanding ways to make gardening clean and green

Gardening is one of the most widely practiced hobbies that allow you to have a control over what must be a part of their food along with saving money. It is the most eco-friendly activity as you have sufficient green supplies around you. Here are some useful gardening tips while you go green at the same time.


You should realize that bugs that eat insects and pests, such as black fly, are good for the garden. Hence, you should plant bright flowers like sunflowers and marigold where the bugs can find a shelter and lay their eggs.
You should install bird feeders and nesting boxes in the garden to invite birds, as they eat slugs, caterpillars, snails and grubs that destroy the plants.
When you plant two or more plants together, also known as companion planting, it plays an important role in keeping the pests away from the plants. You should grow a variety of plants in order to prevent the deterioration of any one kind of plant from the insects.

Hands in the Soil
Do not allow slugs and snails to grow inside your garden, as they are an open invitation to the plant destruction. You can prevent them by placing a band of copper metal, water displacement spray or petroleum jelly around the plant pots or containers. Y0u can also avoid them by keeping grit and crushed eggshells around the plants. Even child safe slug pellets can be a good way to keep control of these creatures.
You should try to build traps for catching your garden enemies. You can easily catch flying insects by using the gluey yellow sheets. On the other hand, you can catch slugs by sinking yoghurt cups filled with milk or bear into the ground or by keeping some deseeded grapefruit halves around the plants.

compost bin
You can set up your compost bin at a warm and partly shaded area on the top of some soil. And feed a mix of vegetable peelings, garden waste, paper or cardboard to the compost and thereby invite composting bugs.
You should prefer warm composting by growing red tiger worms inside a wooden container and feeding them with newspaper.
Compost tea is great manure for the plants you can easily make it at your home.
You can use plastic bottles as containers or protective covering for your seeds by simply cutting their bases.


Here are some simple gardening techniques to help you have a sustainable gardening experience that you will always enjoy.

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