Top hand cranked shredders for tearing paper

Paper shredders are quite important for official purposes as the expired documents need to be crushed well before disposed. Though the information is expired, it is a huge deal if it goes to wrong hands. Shredding your expired credit cards and debit cards are also equally crucial. However, people prefer not to use a paper shredder as they are pretty ugly and using it once a month does not justify the cost of the paper shredder. Many of us dispose the papers by burning them. Burning papers is not advised by the environmentalists as paper is a reusable thing and it takes many trees to be cut down to produce papers. If paper is burnt, we cannot recycle it to produce paper again. So it is always better to dispose paper after shredding it. Let us discuss few of the effective paper shredders that are quite easy to operate manually.


Portable Hand-Powered Paper Shredder

This paper shredder is probably the smallest paper shredder you have come across. This tiny machine is pretty good looking and easy to be carried. This machine does not require batteries as well. The specialty of this shredder is that it is a hand held machine. It can shred one page, folded in thirds, or one envelope at a time. It is small enough to fit in your briefcase, backpack, or purse. This product is offered in two different colors – black and silver.

Hand-Powered Minimalist Shredder

This manual paper shredder is designed and marketed by IDEA International. It is a completely new kind of document destroyer as it is powered by a hand crank. The embedded plastic construction of this shredder gives it a look of a toy. However, it does an excellent job as far as paper shredding is concerned. The paper shredder does not look ugly even if it is placed in the bookshelf or on a desk. The cranking arm folds down flat, allowing the shredder to look just like a small plastic box when not in use. It comes in variety of colors.

Hand Cranked Document Shredder

This hand cranked document shredder works on a double-drawer slide disappearing bracket. The machine produces a sound of loading a machinegun when you pull it out. The machine does not stop midway while shredding the papers. Once it starts it shreds the paper completely then it stops functioning.

A paper shredder is very useful for official works as it is helpful in shredding the unused papers. If we dump the paper without shredding it, it might create problems for us in future as the important documents can be misused by criminals and your official information might get exposed.

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