Why companies need to waste less and recycle more


There’s no question about it, recycling is the need of the hour. The planet’s natural resources are depleting by the day, so products made by recycling will reduce the use of natural materials. Recycling is undoubtedly beneficial for the environment, but companies who recycle have seen an increase in their business profits too. Take a look at a few reasons why companies need to waste less and recycle more:

Benefits the environment

Benefits the environmentThe most obvious and important reason to recycle is that recycling benefits the environment. Recycling saves raw materials and conserves energy which would have been used in the production of new material. Recycling your business waste means less waste from your company going to the landfills, thus causing less harm to the environment.

Saving on the cost of new purchases

There are financial benefits which your company can gain, as we can see by reading about recycling and companies that do it. For example, there are many companies which would give you a discount for new purchases, if you give your old material to them to be recycled. Suppose you have to buy new computers or other tech devices for your team, then if you give the old ones, many retailers will give you a discount on the new devices.

You could save money in the form of discounts by recycling all the ink cartridges, batteries and so on. All these items are non-biodegradable and can be easily recycled, so you should send them for recycling. You can also avail of dumpsters from waste management companies. That way, you don’t have to personally send your waste to the recycling facilities, as they will do it for you.

Lower the waste disposal cost

 waste disposal

All the paper which is used can be reused again, so a massive amount of paper waste can be reduced by sending it for recycling. Glass, cans and plastic can be recycled. Encourage your staff to bring their own mugs and glasses, to cut on disposable cutlery waste. In some countries, organizations have to pay a fee/tax for waste management, and that fee will be reduced if you cut down on your waste.

Recycling improves your brand image

There has been an increase in the number of consumers/clients who favor vendors/suppliers or companies which have a reputation of caring for the environment. A recycling program will improve your brand image as being a green company, especially if you emphasize your pro-environmental activities/projects in the press or on your website or social media. Customers who visit your premises should be impressed with your concern for the environment and inspired to be eco-friendly too. Many companies have benefited by their better image that resulted in winning valuable contracts and improving customer loyalty.

Improved business opportunities

Benefits the environment

Many non-profit organizations as well as the government give grants and financial incentives to companies which have a formal recycling and waste management program in place. To take advantage of the extra funding, your company should have official recycling program and track output, as you would have to demonstrate the impact of the recycling program.

Many of your employees might want to recycle at the workplace, so providing recycling opportunities would be a great option. This would make them happier, and the improved employee morale would translate into better productivity over time.

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