Zero Waste Makeup Removers to Try in 2023

Zero Waste Makeup Removers to Try in 2023

If you wear makeup, one of the most wasteful practices in your daily skincare routine – and in your life as a whole – is likely removing your makeup at the end of the day. Many people use wasteful products such as single use makeup remover wipes or a cleansing product like micellar water with a single use cotton swab or tissue, both of which are excessively wasteful (in addition to being bad for your skin). If you’re looking for an effective way to remove makeup after a long day of work at provider’s choice scribe services that won’t take a negative toll on the planet, here are a few zero waste makeup removers that you should try in 2023.

1.  Coconut Oil

When it comes to beauty, coconut oil has countless benefits and purposes. You might already know that coconut oil can be used for a natural moisturizer, hair mask, and even shaving cream; but did you know that coconut oil can be used to remove even the most waterproof, difficult to remove makeup? Simply rub a dime sized amount of coconut oil between your palms and apply it to your skin just like a normal face wash, and watch as your makeup washes away with ease. This is an especially great option for anyone with dry skin, as coconut oil has numerous hydrating properties and will leave your skin feeling softer than ever before.

2.  Olive Oil

If coconut oil is too heavy for your sensitive skin or if you just don’t have any on hand, another kitchen staple that doubles as an effective makeup remover is olive oil. This product can be used in the same way as coconut oil, but is shown to have better results in individuals with oily skin or easily clogged pores.

3.  DIY Makeup Remover

If applying oil straight to your face does not sound ideal, you can make a DIY makeup remover that will feel similar to typical face wash or making remover on the skin, without the excessive waste. Mix a bit of olive oil with castile soap and witch hazel, and apply it to your face with a washcloth or reusable cotton pad and watch as your makeup melts away. This will cleanse your skin without leaving a heavy or greasy residue or film, and is a great option for those with sensitive or acne prone skin.

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