10 Unique hotels made using junk

Hotels made using junk

Normal human beings throw their discarded items into bins considering them as junks and useless stuffs but eco-fanatics do not think the same way. These people have a passion to safeguard the environment and it is this passion which drives them to use discarded objects to come up with useful products. The idea of building a hotel using junk sounds fictional but this is in fact reality as some eco-enthusiasts have really built hotels using discarded materials. Here is a list of 10 unique hotels made using junk:

1. Hotel made of tourism rubbish

Hotel made of tourism rubbish

Spain’s capital Madrid boasts of a unique hotel which is built using tourism rubbish. Named ‘Garbage Hotel’, this unique structure is the brainchild of German artist Ha Schult, who has used the junk found on beaches. He has also used some materials bought from the European flea markets to build this hotel. Schult’s aim behind building this hotel was to send a message about the huge amount of waste generated by tourists each year in Madrid. This hotel has five rooms. Schult has uses discarded bottles, plastics, tyres and books to build this unique hotel.

2. Hotel Costa Verde

Hotel Costa Verde

Located in Costa Rica, the Hotel Costa Verde has a two bedroom suite, which is built using the fuselage of a 1965 Boeing 727. The aircraft which has been used to build this unique hotel used to flew for Avianca Airlines and South African Air. The airframe was collected at the Costa Rica airport and it was transported to the site in pieces, where it was reassembled.

3. Key Card Hotel

Key Card Hotel

Card-stacking master Bryan Berg deserves credit for building Holiday Inn Key Card using 200,000 discarded hotel key cards. Located in Manhattan, New York, this unique hotel has a lobby, guestroom and a bathroom as well. Berg has used key cards to build life size furnitures. This hotel opened on September 17, 2009 and it was in business for five days. Berg had also built the Empire State Building using key cards inside the hotel’s lobby.

4. Save the Beach Hotel

Save the Beach Hotel

German artist H.A. Shult is a passionate environment lover and he uses his creativity to come up with structures that are built using junks. Shult works tirelessly to save the beaches across the globe from getting polluted and his Save the Beach Hotel, made using junk, is an effort in this direction. Shult has made this unique from the rubbish which he has collected from several European beaches. It is learnt that Shult collected over 12000 kilograms of debris to build this hotel.

5. Hotel Honecker

Hotel Honecker

Located in the Netherlands, the Honekar hotel is made of a discarded 1960’s 4-engine jet plane. This unique hotel is on the edge of the runway in East of Amsterdam at Teuge airport. Dutch entrepreneur Ben Thijssen deserves created for building this hotel, which boasts of the facilities, which we enjoy in a five-star hotel. This hotel features a sauna, kitchen, whirlpool, televisions, bar, internet connectivity, etc. The suite of Hotel Honecker is 40-metre long and its conference room can host 15 people at a time.

6. Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren

Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren

Located in the Netherlands, Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren is a unique hotel because its rooms are made out of 15,000 liter barrels of wine. This hotel has spacious rooms with a toilet and shower. The rooms have twin beds. The hotel also boasts of a sitting room. This hotel shows that we can use junk to come up with something productive and useful.

7. TuboHotel


Located in Mexico, the TuboHotel is definitely one of the most unique hotels we have seen so far. The rooms of this hotel are made of massive cement pipes, which are normally used as sewage pipes. Beds are fitted inside the pipes.

8. Travelodge


Designed by British firm Travelodge, this hotel will be the world’s first eco friendly ‘recyclable’ hotel made using imported crate-like containers, which will be imported from China. This 8-storied hotel will be movable and will have 120 rooms. Travelodge is planning to build the hotel before the 2012 Olympics in London.

9. Controversy Inn

Controversy Inn

Located in the Netherlands’ Controversy Farm, the Controversy Inn is an eco friendly hotel built using four recycled train coaches. This hotel also boasts of some other items made using discarded objects. It has a bed made of a boat. The coaches used in this hotel once used to run in Germany and Amsterdam. This hotel has four suites.

10. The Waitanic Ship Motel

The Waitanic Ship Motel

This unique hotel is built of a recycled ship named WWII Patrol Boat. This ship was built in Auckland in 1942. This motel has five units each containing rooms of different kinds. The unit 1 is most luxurious and it boasts of well decorated and spacious. The booking for this motel is now open.

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