12 best old door decorating ideas

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Old doors are excellent to make wooden décor for your home’s exterior and interior. You may have some at home leftover from your house remodeling or modification. You can also buy them at yard sales, thrift stores and even antique/vintage stores. Old doors are sturdy and some have beautiful craftsmanship on them. Sometimes a good quality old door outlives the home itself. Upcycling old doors and transforming them into beautiful decorating items is a project, which will satisfy your creative instincts. Take a look at these wonderful ideas for decorating your home with home décor made from old doors:

12 best old door decorating ideas

Repurposing old things lying around at home like doors, cabinets etc is the hottest home décor trend these days. Stay in vogue while still saving money, and displaying your creativity. Here are some extremely creative old door ideas you can use:

Hall tree

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Repurpose your old door into a stylish and elegant hall tree. You can use any old door for this project, whether it is plain or ornate. The door can be polished or painted –your choice. This would also be much cheaper as furniture made from old doors turns out to be much more cost effective than using new wood. You can dress up a cheap door with ornate dresser mirror to look very beautiful. Making hall trees are one of the old door decorating ideas that even novices can make.

Lighted Shelf

Furniture made from old doors can be unique and distinctive, just like the lighted shelf made from a door. Get your local electrician to do the electrical connections and then you’ll be amazed how your vintage door is converted into a lovely piece of décor. Use it as an accent piece for your living room or drawing room.

Handy storage

This is part of those creative old door ideas which can look great both indoors or outdoors. If you already have an extra or unused side table, attach it to the door. You can place this anywhere inside or outside your house. You could polish or paint it to match with your interiors, and keep at the entryway or leave it as it is and keep it in your patio or backyard. Place a few planters on it and you’d have a unique piece of furniture at almost no cost, but the labor of love!

Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island

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An extra workspace in the kitchen is always welcome. Repurpose an old door into a kitchen island. Just add wooden legs to the door and place it in the kitchen. Kitchen islands are the rage right now, and would add to your kitchen upgrade. Put some bar stools around it or chairs to create a cozy eating space in the kitchen. This chic, functional, kitchen island would be a great gathering place for your family.

Pantry door

You already have a door, so why not use it as a sliding door for your pantry. After being painted in a bright color, it will stand out as the focal point in the room. One of the creative old door ideas is to buy an old farmhouse door to add farmhouse, rustic style to your pantry.

Desk and storage area

Create an impressive vanity cum writing desk with a storage area. Place the vanity underneath an antique oval mirror to add to the vintage look. Brackets made from wrought iron hold the wire basket and desk in place.

Coffee table

coffee table

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Vintage door projects such as pretty coffee tables can adorn your living room space. Cutting down the door in half and attaching stands to it will convert it into a smart little coffee table. By adding a glass slab on top, you would have a modern décor coffee table.

It’s an easy project if you do a lot of DIY projects, or else you can get a carpenter to help you out.  This nifty little table can be handy outdoors too, where you can use it as a durable outdoor furniture. Enjoy soaking up the sun while sitting at your repurposed old door table outdoors. Old door decorating ideas like this one can turn out to be amazing and impressive projects for your home.

Porch swing

Another practical project is a porch swing made from vintage doors. With some newel posts and old doors (one for the seat and one for the back), you can create a lovely porch swing. Furniture made from old doors like a porch swing looks really elegant and beautiful, apart from being a wonderful way to relax in your home.

Display shelf

Make a nice display shelf with an unused stable door. It can be mounted on a wall, and you display your favorite knicks and knacks on the display shelf. Add a mirror to complete the look.



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Make a bookcase out of your old door. You can paint it in a bright color to make it attractive. You’d probably need two doors for this project, to make the sides and the shelves. One of the best utilitarian and decorative ideas for old door projects is creating a corner bookshelf. Retain the hinges and give a distressed paint look to have a nice bookshelf which can fit into your living space easily.

Potting bench

Make a great potting bench from your old door; half an old table and a metal rack. It’s one of those old door decorating ideas which can up the look of your backyard by a great extent.

China cabinet and coat rack

This is one of our favorite old door decorating ideas. Turn your old door sideways to transform it into a photo frame as well as unique coat rack. The photos or pictures and quotations are framed after removing the glass panes from the door. If you attach a shelf to the top, you get extra space to display beautiful figurines or small home decorations. Attach hooks to the bottom for keys and or even use it as a coat rack. Keeping it at the entryway makes it handy to grab things as you and your family members go out.

Garden benches, headboards also are some creative decorative furniture ideas for old doors. So start on your old door project and create that magnificent old door decoration you’ll be proud to show off.

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