5 Green products for beachgoers

Have a greener time at the beach

We all love the beach, don’t we? There’s the sunbeams, there’s sand and lots of fun and frolic, atleast when there’s no filthy sewage washing up the shore or oil spills lapping up your toes. We all love to get a little sun on our bodies, don’t we? But then, who likes to go home all toasted up and fried. Fortunately, there are plenty of nice cosmetic sun-block products available at the market that you can take along on your way to the beach. And what’s better is that some of these products are now eco-friendly and green that will help you protect your skin and complexion in the harshest of the sun while staying true to the green mission.

Let’s take a look at five such products that are completely eco-friendly and green:

1. Burt’s Bees lifeguard’s Choice Lip Balm

With a mere $3 price tag, this one is apparently one of the best out there. About 95.29 percent natural, this lip balm consists of all the good things like Vitamin E. It has an old school white colour which will give you the looks of a sixties’ hipster lifeguard. The best thing is that it does away with the parabens, phthalates and the sulfates. The cosmetic safety database rates it a no. 2 which is absolutely excellent.

2. Mineral Face Matte finish SPF 30

This one comes for around $36 a bottle, but every penny you spend on it is worth it, or so they say. And they’re right, it’s one of those products that gets you high with joy because it’s just what you’ve been waiting for. This one is free of parabens and all other preservatives and chemicals and is completely made out of certified organic ingredients offering both UVA and UVB protections. Above all, it is light and leaves your face with a soft powdery feeling.

3. Alba Botanical Sport Sunblock

So, you have got your face armoured and all but what about your beautiful body. This SPF 45 sunblock is an all natural product which contains certified organic aloe vera with chamomile and calendula. It is also paraben free, water resistant and comes for $9.95. Rated 4 by the Cosmetics safety database this one’s a must when you’re heading down the beach on a sunny day.

4. Protective Hair Veil by Aveda

You may make your face and body sun-resistant but then your scalp is bound to get toasted. Hats are generally the best way to go, this hair veil protects your hair as well as your scalp with UVA and UVB filters for your bountiful hair. It also contains many certified organic ingredients. All green. All protection.

5. The Brielle Umbrella or Eco-friendly Palm leaf sun hat

Leave the products aside, if you wanna go for some nice shade for real protection at the beach, go for these cool umbrellas. They are 100 percent bio-degradable and all. Nice retro feel to it, this one is bound to reward you with some jealous looks from the ones frying in the sun. Alternatively, you could opt for the eco-friendly palm leaf hats made of dried palm leaves with a brim extending over five inches which provides enough protection and shade.

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